Oystermen, Kinmen Island Structures, Taiwan Coastal Development, Taiwanese Architecture

Oystermen, Kinmen Island, Taiwan

Taiwanese Coastal Structures, Kinmen Island Art design by Marco Casagrande architect, Finland

30 Aug 2013

Kinmen Island Oystermen

Design: Marco Casagrande

Location: Kinmen Island, Taiwan

For: Floating Islands / Shanghai Biennial

Kinmen Island Oystermen
photo from architect

Oystermen Taiwan

Oystermen is an environmental artwork at a tidal beach in Kinmen Island, Taiwan. The men are standing 6 meters high from the sand surface during low tide and are walking on water 3 meters high on top of waves as the ocean deepens on high tide. Gradually the legs will be covered by oysters. The Chinese hats of the Oystermen are working as solar energy collectors and illuminating the seascape at night.

Oystermen Kinmen Island
photo from architect

Kinmen Island Sculptures – Design Information

Commissioned by Floating Islands / Shanghai Biennial, curated by Sandy Lo.
Materials: sandblasted stainless steel
Completed: July 2013
Design: Marco Casagrande, C-Lab
Typology: environmental artwork
Location: Kinmen Island, Taiwan, Republic of China

Kinmen Island Oystermen
photo from architect

Taiwanese Coastal Structures Taiwanese Coastal Structure Kinmen Island Oystermen Kinmen Island Sculpture Kinmen Island Art
images from architect

Oystermen on Kinmen Island images / information from Marco Casagrande

C-Lab Architects – architecture studio based in Taiwan and finland, led by architect Marco Casagrande

Curator: Sandy Lo, Taiwan, ROC

Location: Kinmen Island, Taiwan, eastern Asia

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