Susenbergstrasse apartments, Modern Zurich Property, Swiss Building Project Design

Susenbergstrasse apartment buildings Zurich

Zurich Residential Development in Switzerland, design by Gigon/Guyer Architects

Susenbergstrasse apartments

Three apartment buildings Susenbergstrasse

Location: Zurich
Date built: 2000
Design: Gigon/Guyer Architekten

The articulation of the building mass into three volumes takes place within the context of the small-scale, “fine-grained” housing structure in the neighbourhood near and far. In contrast to the solitary houses and villas on the Zurichberg, the building volumes react to each other by means of their proportions and with respect to their openings.

The division into three buildings allows the apartments to be oriented in every direction, as well as providing natural daylight and ventilation for the bathrooms and kitchens. The apartments are laid out such that the serving spaces-wet rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and ancillary spaces-act as closed cores that generate a spatial articulation of the open “living-room-areas”.

The area thus defined can be easily subdivided into more customary rooms or living spaces by means of large sliding doors. Nevertheless, this “living-room-area” can be understood as a continuous space that orients itself to the various points of the compass, correspondingly proportioned and formed, as such. The four-sided orientation of the apartments is differently accentuated depending upon the varying location of the loggias to the east, south and west. The loggias themselves are conceived as narrow, projecting open-air rooms.

The building structure is determined by the space-forming, load-bearing cores of the service rooms. A double-layered façade complements the support structure. The exterior layer, which likewise forms the cantilevered structures of the loggias and the perforated balustrades of the penthouses, is made of poured-in-place concrete.

Mineral-based pigments, applied to the concrete with water glass silicate mass, enable a highly matt, pollen-like “powdering” of the building to be achieved. An additional intention is to attain an individualization of the three buildings by varying the coloration, while simultaneously emphasizing their compositional kinship.

The final coloration was achieved in collaboration with the artist Adrian Schiess. One building is painted in a bright yellow color, one in a greyish green color with pink loggias and one in a yellowish apricot color with an additional façade painted blue towards the neighborhood.

Susenbergstrasse apartment buildings Zurich – Building Information

Site/Address: Susenbergstrasse 84 – 88, 8044 Zurich

Spatial Programme: Three apartment buildings with underground parking
Competition: Aug 1998, 1st prize
Planning/Execution: Sep 1998 – Oct/Nov 2000
Client: Zürcher Frauenverein (ZFV) represented by Mrs. Rosemarie Michel

Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer, Architects, Zurich
Collaborators Planning: Peter Steiner (Project Manager), Samuel Thoma, Roger Naegeli
Collaborators Competition: Michael Widrig, Chantal Imoberdorf, Stefan Thommen

Project Manager/Costing: GU Göhner Merkur AG, Zurich
Execution: Adrian Schiess, Mouans-Sartoux, F
Competition: Gigon /Guyer
Landscape Architect: Zulauf , Seippel, Schweingruber, Baden
Civil Engineer: Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer, Zurich
Construction firm: K. Eicher AG, Regensdorf

Susenbergstrasse apartment buildings Switzerland images / information from Gigon/Guyer Architekten


Location: Susenbergstrasse 84, 8044 Zurich, Switzerland, central Europe

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