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Small Apartment in Geneva

Minimalist Flat Renovation Project in Switzerland: Building Renewal design by b29 Architects

3 Feb 2016

Small Apartment in Geneva City Centre

Location: city centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Design: b29 Architects

Transformation of an apartment in Geneva’s old city centre

Small Apartment in Geneva

In the heart of Geneva, in the old city, a humble apartment gets transformed in an interesting example of how much beauty can fit in a small house.

Minimal Apartment design by b29 Architects

Flat Renovation Project in Switzerland design by b29 Architects

Geneva Small Apartment

The main concept was to insert architectural elements and functional objects in the existing situation, that, put in strategical positions, were able to redefne the margins and transform the spatiality whithout substantially changing the form.

Geneva Apartment

Swiss Apartment

All detailing was made with the same kind of white plastered wood, for matters of sustainability and aesthetic coherence, giving the apartment a calm and harmonic atmosphere.

Swiss Apartment design

Bright and airy, it is a good example of how spatial quality is not relevant to the size, and how architecture can actually contribute to a higher life quality.

Switzerland Apartment interior design

Swiss Apartment interior design

Minimal Apartment in Geneva images / information from b29 Architects

Location: Geneva city centre, Switzerland, central Europe

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