Sequential Wall Zurich: Gramazio & Kohler

Sequential Wall Zurich ETH, Swiss Timber Design Project, Photo, Architect, Image

The Sequential Wall Architecture

Project by Gramazio & Kohler, Architektur und Digitale Fabrikation, ETH Zürich in Switzerland

27 May 2013

The Sequential Wall, Zurich


Design : Gramazio & Kohler, Architektur und Digitale Fabrikation, ETH Zürich

Sequential Wall Zurich - Gramazio & Kohler

Location: ETH Zürich

Project: Jun 2008 – Jul 2008
Elective Course: Spring Semester 2008

Sequential Wall Zurich
images © Gramazio & Kohler, ETH Zurich

The Sequential Wall

In the follow-up course the students were challenged to integrate the functional requirements to an external timber wall – for example its loadbearing and insulating behaviour as well as its constructive waterproofing – into their designs systems as generative parameters.

Functional and formal characteristics were so tightly intertwined that they became mutually dependent. Individual wooden slats that protruded outwards and face down, for example, were used not just as a strongly expressive design element, but also to shield the structural parts from water by channelling it away from the facade, much as pine needles or shingles do.

Sequential Wall Zurich Sequential Wall Zurich
pictures © Gramazio & Kohler, ETH Zurich The Sequential Wall Zurich – Building Information Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich
Projectleader: Silvan Oesterle
Collaborators: Ralph Bärtschi, Mike Lyrenmann
Students: Bühler Michael, Dalsass David, Filler Simon, Isler Milena, Kallweit Roman, Krog Morten, Leuenberger Ellen, Nauwelaertz de Agé Jonas, Roider Jonathan, Samberger Steffen, Thomet Chantal, Venetz Rafael, Werenfels Nik
Partner: Häring – Holz- und Systembau, Isoflock

The Sequential Wall images / information from Gramazio & Kohler, ETH Zürich

Gramazio & Kohler

Location: ETH Zurich, Switzerland, central Europe

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