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Rossinelli House Switzerland : Lugano Architecture

Ticino Residential Development in southern Switzerland design by Nicola Probst

1 Oct 2009

Rossinelli House in Lugano

Realization: 2005

Architect: Nicola Probst, Lugano, Switzerland

Location: Lugano, Ticino region, southern Switzerland

Rossinelli House, Switzerland

Rossinelli House in Lugano

Photos: Lorenzo Mussi, Milan

Rossinelli House Swiss House design by Nicola Probst

Project Description

The main feature of the house are the dynamic system of slopes (defined by earthworks and retaining walls) and the shifts and folds in the concrete structure.

This system creates its own topography and defines both the living spaces and the spatial relationships between interior and exterior.

The main structure is defined by exposed concrete slabs and walls and by cross-section service elements containing the stairs, the fireplace and the kitchen.

Lugano House design by Nicola Probst Ticino House Ticino House by architect Nicola Probst Ticino residential property design by Nicola Probst

Rossinelli House images / information from Architect Nicola Probst

Nicola Probst Architect

Location: Lugano, Ticino region, southern Switzerland, central Europe

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Swiss House XXII, Preonz
Design: Davide Macullo Architects
Swiss home in Preonz
photo : Alexandre Zveiger, Lugano, CH
Swiss House in Preonz
The roofline game of inclined planes that appear as a series of three traditional roofs, becomes a surrealist landscape. The inclined areas suddenly disappear from view and one does not have a clear perception of the space until one enters inside. The importance of the roof is underlined through the simple pleasure of an unexpected perception.

Weltpostpark site buildings, Bern
Design: SSA Architekten, Basel, Switzerland
Weltpostpark residential buildings Bern
photograph © Ruedi Walti
Weltpostpark residential buildings Bern
The last apartments in the SSA Architekten-designed Weltpostpark development are now occupied. The striking six-storey residential buildings have an urban feel about them, while the park-like surroundings and the varied clinker brick facades create a homely atmosphere.

Kunsthaus Zürich extension
Design: David Chipperfield Architects
Kunsthaus Zürich Extension
The revision addresses all of the recommendations made by the jury. The partners and future clients of the Kunsthaus extension – the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, the city of Zurich and the Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus – have now been presented with a greener and more open scheme.

westside Shopping and Leisure Center, Bern-Brünnen
Design: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Westside Shopping Center
The Westside project, a new center for leisure and shopping in Brünnen, is an urban scale architecture project totaling 1.5 million sq. ft. In addition to the 55 shops, 10 restaurants and bars, hotel, multiplex cinema, fun bath with wellness center and housing, this mixed-use program radically reinvents the concept of shopping, entertainment and living.

Shopping Center Schönbühl redesign
Design: Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Shopping Center Schönbühl

Swiss Architects

Swiss Architecture

Lugano is a city in southern Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region. Its Swiss-Mediterranean mix of cultures is closely related to that of Italy’s northern Lombardy region. This mix is reflected in its architecture and cuisine.

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