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Elderly Care Skärvet in Växjö

Swedish Housing Complex: Bäckaslöv Residential Building in Sweden design by Kjellander Sjöberg, architects

22 Nov 2017

Elderly Care Skärvet

Architects: Kjellander Sjöberg

Location: Bäckaslöv, Växjö, Sweden

Elderly Care Skärvet in Växjö Building

Elderly Care Skarvet

The elderly care is a part of the city block Skärvet, which is the starting point of Bäckaslöv, a new urban district in Växjö being developed along the railway connecting the city centre to the lake Norra Bergundasjön. The L- shaped building is the first phase and the cornerstone of the city block, offering mixed forms of tenure around a spacious, shared courtyard.

Swedish Housing Complex

Common areas with good light conditions
The layout organisation is based on arranging all common and neutral areas into a central hub with individual departments located in each respective wing. The core of each department is its dining and living room, an open space reaching from façade to façade. Its large windows and tall ceiling heights provide great daylight conditions.

Elderly Care Bäckaslöv, Växjö

Housing in Bäckaslöv, Växjöt

Spaces for social interaction
The common functions comprise an assembly hall, a conservatory, physiotherapy facility and a greenhouse on the rooftop with a view over the shared courtyard and the green recreation space.

Bäckaslöv Residential Building

New Residential Building in Sweden

Lively façades
The design and configuration are strongly linked to the construction process. The variation in the façade is rationally achieved by using more joints than façade elements and by combining four sections of different types of tile patterns. The overall design thus resembles a textile pattern or a crocheted table cloth. Entrances, windows and roofs are accentuated by copper-coloured metal sheets, adding warmer tones. The building is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certificate and Skanska’s top level environmental classification.

Bäckaslöv Residential Building Växjö

Elderly Care Växjö

Elderly Care Skärvet, Växjö – Building Information

Program: Elderly care
Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Location: Bäckaslöv, Växjö
Client: Skanska
Size: 5 500 sq m, 72 apartments
Partner in charge: Lena Viterstedt, Ola Kjellander
Team: Sanna Taune, Andreas Nordström, Charlotte Fredriksson, Saki Azodi, Iselin Marie Johansen, Martin Kraft
Awards: 1st prize land transfer competition
Nominated for Stora Kakelpriset 2017

Elderly Care Skarvet

Photography: Max Plunger

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Location: Bäckaslöv, Växjö, Sweden, northeast Europe

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