Crematory in Igualada, Spanish Building, Architecture Images

Crematory in Igualada

Building Development near Barcelona, Spain – design by Carme Pinós Desplat, Architects

18 Sep 2017

Igualada Crematory

Architect: Carme Pinós Desplat

Location: Igualada, Spain

Crematory in Igualada

Igualada Crematory

This project responds to the desire to integrate the new building in the cemetery grounds without distorting the great poetics these emanate.

Igualada Crematory

Carme Pinós Desplat have located the crematorium on the top of a hill that holds the chapel and other installations, in such a way that the new building cannot be seen from the cemetery. Nevertheless, from it you can still perceive the atmosphere and beauty of the cemetery itself. The driving force behind this project is to understand the situation the program implies with utmost sensitivity. Our approach has been to relate to nature by generating a dialogue between the visitors and the distant landscape seen from the large windows of the building. The slightly raised location of the crematorium also responds to this idea, thus it is situated just above a set of aromatic plants.Our intention is to convey the sensation of being on a different level to that on which our daily lives happen and which relates us to that life.

Igualada Crematory Igualada Crematory

Despite the fact that it could be considered a purely technical building, we wanted to give it all the poetics required by the frame of mind of those who will visit the space.

Igualada Crematory

We have used materials that relate the building to the cemetery. On the one hand, the concrete a predominant material in the cemetery- gives the crematorium a sculptural character while, on the other, the ceramic enclosure gives it a less monolithic and more welcoming dimension.

Igualada Crematory – Building Information

Location: Igualada’s Cemetery Park Barcelona, Spain
Client: Funeraria Anoia, S.L. (Private)
Dates: Outline Design: May 2014 Detailed Design: 2015 Construction Works beginning: September 2015 Construction Works finalization: June 2016

Igualada Crematory
Built: 252 sqm
Urbanization: 1248 sqm

Building: 372.000 €
Urbanization: 136.765 €

Architect: Carme Pinós Desplat
Estudio Carme Pinós Project Manager: Samuel Arriola
Estudio Carme Pinós Design Team: Elsa Marti Jeanne de Bussac
Consultants: Structural Engineer: Manuel Arguijo i Associats
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: INDUS Ingeniería y Arquitectura SA Costs: INDUS Ingeniería y Arquitectura SA
Constructor: Costructora Calaf SA

Other credits:
Architecture models: Estudio Carme Pinós
Rendering: Estudio Carme Pinós

Igualada Crematory

Estudio Carme Pinos

Photographs: Jesús Arenas

Crematory in Igualada, Spain images / information received 180917

Location: Igualada, Spain

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