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9 May 2014

Current Skyscraper Developments

Europe on the Up, Up, Up

Nowhere in Europe are taller buildings going up than in Russia. St. Petersburg is currently witnessing the construction of the continent’s future tallest skyscraper, Lakhta Center. At a height of 463 meters, the tapering, pointed supertall will surpass the current record-holder, Moscow’s Mercury City, by no fewer than 124 meters.

Emporis (, the international provider of building data, has compiled a list of the ten tallest skyscrapers currently under construction in Europe. In addition to Lakhta Center, the list contains a further six projects from Russia, all of whose construction sites are located in Moscow.

1. Lakhta Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia


Some way behind the Lakhta Center, with a future height of 361 meters, lies Vostok, the secondplaced skyscraper in the ranking, closely followed by the OKO Apartment Tower, which will reach 352 meters into the skies. Both of these major projects are being built in Moscow, as are a further four entries in the list. Two of them are not far off completion – Eurasia Tower, which is set to come in at just over 300 meters and will offer exclusive apartments on its highest floors, and Evolution Tower, 255 meters tall and particularly conspicuous for its shape, which twists upward in a spiral.

2. Vostok, Moscow, Russia

images: left – Aleksey Naroditsky, right – MinPai+

Due to these numerous major projects, Moscow is set to continue as Europe’s skyscraper capital into the future. Already today, five of the continent’s ten tallest completed skyscrapers are located in the city, including the current European front-runner Mercury City with its record height of 339 meters. In as little as two years, following the projected completion of Vostok, Moscow will dominate the top ten of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe, with no fewer than seven buildings.

3. OKO Apartment Tower, Moscow, Russia
OKO Apartment Tower, Moscow 1
image : Igor Butyrskii

Alongside Moscow, the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul is increasingly establishing itself as a center of skyscraper construction. The only city in the top ten not in Russia, Istanbul has no fewer than three buildings in the list. In addition to the two 284-meter-tall Skyland Towers, the city also has The Metropol Tower, at 250 meters the tenth-placed building, in the starting blocks. The three towers are due to grace the skyline of the city on the Bosphorus from 2016 onward.

4. Eurasia Tower, Moscow, Russia

images : left – Igor Butyrskii, right – Swanke Hayden Connell

However, even if the Lakhta Center is set to approach the 500-meter mark, European skyscraper construction still has some distance to go to catch up with its Asian paradigms in terms of height. By way of comparison, the world’s tallest building, the 828-meter Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is as tall as Lakhta Center and Vostok combined – and the tallest building currently under construction anywhere in the world, Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, will, with its projected height of a kilometer, be more than twice as tall as the future European record-holder.

5. ST Tower 1 & 2, Moscow, Russia

images : SPEECH architectural office

7. Skyland Office Tower & Skyland Residence Tower, Istanbul, Turkey
Skyland Towers, Istanbul 1
image: Eroglu

9. Evolution Tower, Moscow, Russia
Evolution Tower, Moscow 1
image : Igor Butyrskii

10. The Metropol Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

the Metropol Tower, Istanbul 1 the Metropol Tower, Istanbul 2
images : Metropol Istanbul

Facts and Figures of Europe’s Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction

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