Mrs. Pho House, Singapore Commercial Development, New Restaurant Interior Architecture Photos

Mrs. Pho House Restaurant in Singapore

10 Jun 2022

Interior Design: LAANK

Location: Singapore

Mrs Pho House Singapore

Photos: Studio Periphery

Mrs. Pho House, Southeast Asia

The design behind Mrs. Pho House is about the celebration of craft; taking Vietnamese traditions to a new level. We drew inspiration from iconic Vietnamese elements such as the woven fishing basket boats (thuyen thung), conical leaf hats (nón lá), brick facades, vibrant fabrics and colourful tiles. We wanted to retain these traditional Vietnamese elements, yet interpret them in a more modern way.

Mrs Pho House Singapore

Staying true to Mrs Pho House’s brand philosophy, we also wanted to reflect that sense of Vietnamese hospitality and warmth. A visit to Mrs Pho House is akin to coming home for a meal. The space is demarcated in a way such that there are different pockets and seating configurations for different experiences; curtains can even be let down if you wish for a little more privacy.

Mrs Pho House Singapore

We introduced homelier details that you’d commonly find in Vietnamese homes and courtyards. Ceramic pieces decorate the wall alongside some of the handpicked artworks by the clients.

Mrs Pho House Singapore

Some of the other design touch-points include the mix of ornate painted and woven straw hanging pendant lights, and seats being upholstered in various vibrant fabrics. Aged mirrors that line the walls and ceiling not only help amplify the space but also add a touch of character.

Mrs Pho House Singapore Restaurant Mrs Pho House Singapore

The overall design is an eclectic blend of seemingly contrasting elements, not unlike the 5 elements that grounds Vietnamese cuisine. With our design, we hope that diners will be able to discover and learn more about Vietnamese tradition/ food culture.

Mrs Pho House Singapore Restaurant Mrs Pho House Singapore Restaurant

Mrs. Pho House in Singapore, SEA

Interior Design: LAANK –

Project size: 1200 ft2
Completion date: 2021

Mrs Pho House Singapore Restaurant

Photography: Studio Periphery

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Location: Singapore, Southeast Asia

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