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Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

Marina Bay Infrastructure Development, Southeast Asia – design by Cox Architecture

16 Oct 2017

Jubilee Bridge, Marina Bay

Design: Cox Architecture

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

This bridge was designed to meet the clients need to provide a cost effective yet accessible pedestrian and cyclist movement around Marina Bay. It is simple, curved six metre wide, 220m long bridge that connects the Esplanade Bridge at its middle to two city landmarks at either end namely the Esplanade Theatres and the Merlion statue (which as the symbol of Singapore is the most visited destination in the city state). However it importantly creates three navigation channels allowing water craft movement into the river beyond the bay.
The design is complementary to its neighbouring Esplanade Bridge, and forms part of the Jubilee Walk, which covers historic locations throughout the Civic District and the Marina Bay area.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

The design concept was to create an elegant sweeping glistening ribbon pathway counterpoised and referenced to the water spray from the 8.6m high Merlion statue. The bridge offers an understated gesture of clean geometry. It is curved in both plan, section and elevation in an elegant arch that becomes the new gateway to the Singapore River.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

The bridge deck’s changing curved section accentuates the structural performance with a morphing curvilinear sectional form that adjusts its depth structurally. The section is minimal and flat at its edges to create a thin line sweeping across the bay becoming deeper at the two support pylons.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

The number of structural supports has been limited to two pylons and two abutments. The bridge is constructed in precast post tensioned concrete elements sitting on cast in-situ concrete blade pylons built within individual cofferdams. Once the pylons were cast the precast deck units were launched toward the abutments and the centre.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

Night lighting was concealed in a polished stainless steel coved edging so that they could illuminate onto the soffit accentuating the curved form also providing bold curved rays of reflections in the water. The balustrade handrail provides a discreet and concealed lighting system of the stone tile surface. The night lighting accentuates the structure’s thinness as a silver ribbon. The lighting design concept carefully eliminates any high level light that ensures the bridge user can enjoy uninterrupted views of the city yet is able to safely traverse the well-lit bridge surface

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

The bridge platform openness is aided with slender stainless steel cable balustrades although designed to withstand crowd loads as they gather to enjoy views of major water activities planned for the centre of Marina Bay. Separation barriers have been included to ensure the bridge’s circulation space is protected during such gatherings.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

The sweeping curved design balances the need for simple connection between the important venues yet is an expressive bridge over the water in a powerful gesture of movement.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

What are the sustainability features?
The bridge was designed with sustainability in mind, in line with the overall direction for developments within the Marina Bay precinct. From the construction process to the materials used, every effort was made to reduce the amount of construction materials required and the carbon footprint of Jubilee Bridge. The use of green concrete instead of conventional concrete in the bridge structure, greatly reduced the projects carbon footprint. Other green features of the bridge include:
Engineered Tiles
Engineered tiles are lighter, yet durable and reduce the
amount of concrete required for the construction.
Cable Balustrades
The bridge uses stainless steel cables for the railing as compared to the traditional solid stainless steel. Stainless steel cables provide the same strength and yet use less material.
LED Lighting
The bridge’s lighting system utilises programmable LED lighting which is more energy-efficient and is able to last longer and adjusts for ambient lighting levels.

Jubilee Bridge in Singapore

Photography: John Gollings

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Location: Marina Bay, Singapore


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