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KFCG Space Station in Shanghai

7 Nov 2022

Architecture: Topos Design

Location: Shanghai, China

KFCG Space Station Shanghai

Photos: Zhu Runzi

KWAfood Fried Chuan Group, China

The name KWAFOOD FRIED CHUAN GROUP comes from one of the stories in the ancient Chinese book “The Classic of Mountains and Rivers”, where “Kuafu Chasing the Sun” which tells the tale of an ancient god who chased the sun and eventually turned his body into a forest. However, modern people gave the story another interpretation. In ancient times, Kuafu was an alien who visited the Earth, and he was chasing an alien spaceship that looks like the sun. The combination of ancient fantasy and the full sense of postmodern painting has become the inspiration of this design.

KFCG Space Station Shanghai China

KFCG Space Station Shanghai China

The space station is surrounding the capsule on the central island, where all equipment and staff are placed. The interface of the capsule with oval shaped glass windows creates a transparent and bright scene. In addition, the use of a large area of matte stainless steel gives the station a pure and delicate sense of future technology, and forms a strong contrast with the colorful bazaar. Besides, we placed the kitchen area and bathroom at the back of the space, with mirrored stainless steel to form a partition. And through the mirrored stainless steel wall, the consumers’ space is completely pure, and the amplification of visual senses generates a visual illusion.

KFCG Space Station Shanghai

KFCG Space Station Shanghai

The space station travels through the universe, skimming over the surface of planets. Instead of using stainless steel only, we covered both sides of the station’s walls, which is the seating area, with red rock with a hot and coarse tone. In this way, the contrast between organic nature and geometric artificiality creates a conflict either visually or sensory.

KFCG Space Station Shanghai China

Soft outfit with timeless classic aluminum navy chairs is filled with cyberpunk immediacy in full metal casing. The design of the ceiling is inspired by planetary elements in the universe. The capsule is surrounded by a continuation of the engraving of the orbit, and scattered with glowing stars. Apart from that, we also insert illuminating planets into the rock walls, so that the two-dimensional ceiling is extended into the three-dimensional space.

KFCG Space Station Shanghai China

KFCG Space Station Shanghai China

KFCG Space Station in Shanghai, China Building Information

Architecture: Topos Design – http://www.topos-design.com/

Project size: 80 sqm
Site size: 80 sqm
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 1

KFCG Space Station Shanghai

Photography: Zhu Runzi

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Location: Shanghai, China, eastern Asia

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