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Black Rock Whisky Bar in Jingan, Shanghai

16 Mar 2022

Architecture: hcreates

Location: 41 Fumin Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Black Rock Opens a Whisky Paradise in Shanghai by hcreates

Black Rock Whisky Bar Shanghai by hcreates
photograph : Brian Chua

Black Rock Whisky Bar in Shanghai, China

Black Rock is a Whisky lover’s nirvana. Originating from London, Black Rock is all about bringing flavor to the forefront and helping people discover Whisky in a new way. First launched in 2016, the concept simplified the flavor profiles into sweet, spice, fruit, fragrance, balance and smoke.

hcreates worked with the Shanghai team to convert an unassuming corner site on the popular Fumin Road in downtown Shanghai. A simple black façade with strips of filtered light marking the doorway, Black Rock subtly welcomes you in. A project of contrasts: light and dark, smooth and rough. The space balances the classic with the current to create a uniquely accessible experience.

Black Rock Whisky Bar Shanghai by hcreates
photo : Brian Chua

The centerpiece of the space is their huge, tree trunk table, with two Whisky aging channels dug into the two-ton imported Erima log from Papua New Guinea. The glass-covered channels are lined with American Oak on the left and French Limousin Oak on the right, each holding 21L of whiskey, which is served straight from the pouring taps at the end of the trunk. Seated around the long truck table, you can partake in a Whisky tasting, drink from the log, or order Whisky highballs and cocktails from the open bar at the opposite end of the trunk, all created from the six basic flavour profiles.

Fumin Road Jingan interior design
photograph : Graeme Kennedy

The space is moody and dark, with a soft, amber glow playing on the liquid’s colour. Brass detailing, leather finishes and custom lighting create an elevated look while still maintaining a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The floor, walls, and ceilings are pared back using a dark, texture-filled palette. Hints of oak are used subtly throughout, referencing the barrels used in the Whisky aging process. The warm contrasting glow created by the oak coloring, enables the Whisky to shine in the trophy-like display cabinets. Two intimate lounge spaces with striped marble tables, plush sofas and leather seating, a street facing terrace and a raised VIP section make up the rest of the space.

Fumin Road Jingan interior design
photo : Graeme Kennedy

Black Rock Whisky Bar Shanghai, China – Building Information


Project Name: Black Rock
Design Firm: hcreates interior design
Contact Email: [email protected]
Lead Designer: Hannah Churchill
Design Team: Alex Davies, Yicheng Zeng

Project Location: 41 Fumin Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area: 70sqm
Photo Credits: Brian Chua, Graeme Kennedy
Client: Black Rock
Manufactures: Kian, Vintage Timber Craft

Black Rock Whisky Bar Shanghai by hcreates
photo : Brian Chua



hcreates is an interior design and consulting studio based in Shanghai, designing projects across China and increasingly across Asia since 2010. The practice works with like-minded clients to achieve spaces that are designed to enhance one’s environment and leave people feeling stimulated and inspired. Well-known in Shanghai for creating contemporary restaurants and bars, hcreates continues to develop a significant portfolio of office and health and wellness spaces too. Its design philosophy comes from an ingrained sense of kiwi ingenuity, innovation and practicality. Design should be simple, fun and clever.

The firm is honored to have been included in the AD100 by Architectural Digest China and featured in local and international magazines such as Interior Design, Residence and many more.

Hannah Churchill

Founder Introduction:

Hannah Churchill is an interior designer with a passion for all things creative, hailing from the South Island of New Zealand. After working at one of New Zealand’s top architecture firms, Hannah moved to Shanghai in 2009 to broaden her horizons and began working on her own independent projects, founding hcreates in 2010. Since then, wherever she travels, different cultures and communities expand and influence her design ideas. With a decade of design experience in China, Hannah has crafted more than 100 spaces with an impressive collection of Restaurants and Bars. Hannah continues to expand her portfolio in workspace design and lifestyle spaces with gyms, yoga studios and medical practices.

Fumin Road Jingan interior design
photo : Graeme Kennedy

Black Rock Whisky Shanghai bar design by hcreates – Chinese Text

hcreates新作|上海街头惊现伦敦最佳威士忌酒吧Black Rock
Black Rock就是威士忌爱好者的天堂。这个起源于伦敦的品牌,致力于呈现最前沿的风味,让人们以全新方式认识威士忌。它在2016年首次推出一个全新的概念,既将威士忌风味简化为甜美、香料、水果、芬芳、平衡和烟熏这几个类别。
hcreates与Black Rock上海团队合作,改造了上海热门街区富民路一个不起眼的拐角。简单的黑色立面和滤光条作为入口,人们很难不被这种新颖的方式吸引,想要一探究竟。入门后整个空间充满了对比元素:明亮与黑暗、平滑与粗糙,完美平衡了经典和现代的元素结合,创造出一种独特的空间体验,旨在让客人轻松自在。
Black Rock的整体是黑暗和神秘的。柔和的琥珀色光芒和各种颜色的威士忌交相辉映。黄铜装饰的细节、皮革饰面和定制灯具提升了空间的格调,同时又营造了轻松舒适的氛围。地板、墙壁和天花板采用有纹理的深色色调,更显低调。整个设计过程参考威士忌陈酿过程中使用的橡木桶,并将其巧妙运用到各处细节之中。橡木色温暖而耀眼,使展示柜中的威士忌如奖杯般熠熠生辉。两个私密区域配置了条纹大理石桌、舒适柔软的沙发和皮质长椅。临街露台和贵宾区组成了空间的其他部分。

Fumin Road Jingan interior design bar taps
photo : Graeme Kennedy


项目名称:Black Rock
联系方式:[email protected]
主创设计师:Hannah Churchill
设计团队:Alex Davies, Yicheng Zeng
摄影:Brian Chua, Graeme Kennedy
客户: Black Rock
制造商:Kian, Vintage Timber Craft



事务所很荣幸被列入安邸中国AD100榜单,近年来其设计作品被Interior Design、Residence等多家国内外杂志发表。


Hannah Churchill来自新西兰南岛,作为一位室内设计师,她对一切创新的东西都充满了激情。从惠灵顿维多利亚大学建筑系毕业后,Hannah在新西兰一家著名建筑公司开始了自己的工作生涯。2009年她来到上海,在扩展视野的同时,很快开始独立承接项目,于2010年创立hcreates。热爱旅行的她常常会在不同的文化和社群中找到新的设计灵感。在中国的十年里,Hannah设计完成了上百个项目,其中包含了一些颇具影响力的餐厅和酒吧。如今,她带领hcreates团队继续在办公、健身房、瑜伽馆和医疗中心等生活方式空间的领域中探索。

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Location: 41 Fumin Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, eastern Asia

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