Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Mota Apartment Vila Mariana, São Paulo property interior, Brazilian architecture, SP real estate renewal

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, SP

29 Aug 2021

Design: FCStudio, Architects

Location: Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brasil, South America

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Photos by Pedro Kok

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana

The project for the Mota apartment, located in Vila Mariana, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, was requested by a businessman who had just bought the property, previously owned by a family with two small children. Thus, due to the great difference in needs and lifestyles, our project was requested.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, São Paulo

FCStudio eliminated walls and integrated spaces to prioritize the new owner’s daily routine. The project was developed after conversations with the client to understand the particularities of his personality and his lifestyle.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Previously, the dining room was on the balcony, the kitchen was separated from the rest, and the social area was small. The project increased the social area by eliminating a bedroom and the toilet. FCStudio integrated the social area with the kitchen and turned the balcony into a gathering space.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, São Paulo

A large panel of freijó wood horizontally expands the room enriches the social space. Perpendicular to this panel is the bookcase that camouflages the entrance door and serves as a support for the client’s personal objects, being one of the elements of the design requested by him.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, SP

By integrating the entrance door to the bookcase, we visually make the space even more horizontal. The lighting technique reaffirms the design intentions, as it was thought in conjunction with the joinery and layout.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, SP

In addition to the interior design, we designed five pieces of furniture for the apartment: the Orbita dining table, the Rod side table, the Brasilia coffee table, the Campo coffee table and the Gap bench. All of them took into account the proportion and materiality of the interior design, ranging from marble, wood and steel. In addition to the furniture pieces, we also designed a sculpture named Leku, displayed on the entrance bookshelf.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, SP

The choice of materials was taken according to the region where the project is located. The type of wood and marble are commonly used in Brazil. In terms of design, the pieces also allude to the national scene. The Brasilia table, for example, is inspired by the urban configuration of the country´s capital, while the Campo table is a reference to rural plantation fields very common in Brazil.

Mota Apartment in Vila Mariana, SP

As a result, we improved the spatial integration, flexibility of spaces and harmony of the whole, trough architecture, lighting and furniture design.

New São Paulo kitchen interior design

New Vila Mariana Apartment, São Paulo, Brazil – Building Information

Year: 2021
Location: Vila Mariana, SP – Brazil
Area: 115m²

Interior and lighting design: FCStudio
Constructor: Golden Construtora
Curtains: Blackout Conceito & Design
Floor: Eliane
Soundproof Window: Atenua Som
Original floor plan survey: Planta Expressa
Joinery: Rabelo Design
Artist (painting): Tuneu
Kitchen countertop: Multípedras
Art consultant: Fernando Mota
Art gallery: Raquel Arnaud
Decorative objects: Vitra, Moma, Guggenheim
Lighting: Lumini, Fas
Furniture (store): Micasa, Gisela Design
Furniture (designers): Jean Prouvé, Guilherme Wentz, FCstudio, Sette Design, Ronald Sasson, Ingo Maurer, Aino Aalto , Isamu Noguchi

Photos: Pedro Kok

New Vila Mariana Apartment Brazil living area

This SP property interior has just been shortlisted in The Plan Awards. (instagram) (facebook) (portfolio) (website)

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Location: Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brasil, South America

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