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Casa RF in Itu, São Paulo

6 November 2023

Architects: Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos

Location: Itu, São Paulo, Brazil, South America

Casa RF Itu São Paulo Brazil

Photos by Beto Riginik

Casa RF, Brazil

The premise for Casa RF, designed by Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos, was a country house that conveyed a sense of calm and tranquillity for days of rest.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo Brazil

Located in a residential condominium in Itu, in the interior of São Paulo, the house in the middle of a preserved area has become a refuge for the new couple who recently bought the property: the economist Ricardo Amorim and the interior designer Fernanda Brandão.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo

The couple bought the house, designed by Daniel Fromer in 2015, after spending a season there to escape their routine, right at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Their desire for a space close to nature was fulfilled when they found the country residence, just a few minutes from the capital of São Paulo, where they live during the week.

Casa RF Itu SP Brazil

The 818 m² house has been finished in demolition peroba rosa wood, a flat roof and large openings in the living room, all of which contribute to building a contemporary and cozy concept.

Casa RF Itu SP Brazil

The social area was designed to receive and reunite friends and family. Integrated, it can accommodate several people in a relaxed atmosphere without excessive detail, which stands out for its burnt cement finishes.

Casa RF Itu SP Brazil

Also in this room, a fireplace with hollow glass elements allows you to see the balcony, which functions as an extension of the living room, having the same floor and ceiling. In the couple’s bedroom, the wooden floor offers a cozy atmosphere, with whitewash being the only finish on the walls.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo

The interior design project, signed by the resident herself, Fernanda Brandão, brought personality and identity to the family home. Based on natural elements, Brazilian design was valued, with the use of pieces from local suppliers, which were harmonized with objects from her personal collection. The Matriz sofa, by designer Jader Almeida, also appears in the main living room.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo

The landscaping, signed by Catê Poli, transformed the outdoor area into an ideal environment for socializing by combining elements of furniture, flooring and lighting with the vegetation.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo

The house is both cozy and spacious and can accommodate a variety of occasions: from events with guests to family get-togethers. A refuge, but still ideal for hosting.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo

Casa RF Itu SP Brazil

Casa RF in São Paulo, Brazil – Building Information

Architects: Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos –

Project: Casa RF
Location: Itu, São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 818 sqm

Landscaping: Catê Poli
Interior design: Fernanda Brandão
Wood (floor, ceiling, furniture): José Nascimento – Zé Madeiras
Construction: Engineer Salvador Salton

Casa RF Itu São Paulo Brazil

About Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos:
Daniel Fromer is an Architect and Urbanist graduated in 1996 from FAU – Mackenzie and with his own office since 2001, he develops projects all over Brazil, seeking to value local materials, techniques and labor to the maximum. Known for his contemporary architecture, essential and intimately connected to Nature, Daniel Fromer creates minimalist and welcoming spaces, built with materials in their natural state: raw and pure.

His houses in the mountains, fields and beaches are inserted in nature in a subtle way, honoring the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. This philosophy is also applied with dedication in his urban and commercial projects.

Casa RF Itu São Paulo Brazil

Photography © Beto Riginik

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Location: Itu, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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