Pit Stop Retreats, Siberia Railway Building, Russian Architecture Images

Pit Stop Retreats in Siberia

Concept Siberian Railway Building, Russia design by Kamvari Architects

23 Nov 2016

Pit Stop Retreats Siberia Building

Design: Kamvari Architects

Location: Siberia, Russia

Pit Stop Retreats in Russia

Pit Stop Retreats

The design approach by Kamvari Architects is driven by the pursuit of elegance.

Building on traditional forms combined with the dynamic nature of the railway the building forms seek to express the speed of the train vs the stillness of the stations. Creating a timeless and calm interior which reflects local traditions and values.

Pit Stop Retreats

The innovative proposal by Kamvari Architects seeks to address and explore the way in which architecture is evolving as a result of new digital tools and manufacturing techniques, combined with local traditions resulting in a design process which is capable of incorporating Local craft and environmental performance to create suitable and comfortable conditions for occupation. Kamvari Architects want to localise the global and, globalise the local through our design.

Pit Stop Retreats

Inspired by local vernacular, materials and traditions our proposals attempts to build on and deliver a 21st century design. The strong silhouette takes inspiration from local building forms, insuring that the designs delivers a new vision but still maintains a link to the locality. The variation in timber use as cladding also reflects regional shifts in the landscape and timber manufacturing. The triangular wedge expressed in a dynamic and stretched form allows Kamvari Architects to deal with local environmental conditions as well as unlock passive means of ventilation and heating and cooling.

Pit Stop Retreats

The base of the Pod sits on 6x8m square with the pinnacles rising to 20m, creating a landmark and destination to point too. This makes the kiosk highly visible from anywhere close to the tracks but also makes station and stops visible from a distance, lifting the traditional form also expresses a sense of pride in the railway and its achievement. The interior builds on the spatial qualities of traditional designs in the regions, and where possible attempts to frame views and vistas which represent the tran-siberian route. With Ample space for staff to work and rest the Pit stop is a unique design fit for the 21st century Siberian rail route.

Pit Stop Retreats Pit Stop Retreats

Studying local vernacular architecture Kamvari Architects adopt and use a trusted and proven building form. Lifting the building off the ground allows the architecture office to control interior conditions but insulating from the winter cold in addition to insulating and cooling during the summer period.

The building form is tested through digital software against sunlight and air flow to insure it produces exterior conditions which are capable of hosting travellers but it also utilises passive means to keep cool and heat the interior conditions during specific period in the year. The funnel like pinnacle lifted above the building, condenses the air into a heatable volume which is then sucked through the structure minimising the use of external sources for heating and cooling.

The same strategy in hot days will protect users and the interior without the use of cooling devices by cross ventilating the space.

Pit Stop Retreats Pit Stop Retreats

The entire scheme is designed to insure Constructibility, analysing and understanding local construction has allowed Kamvari Architects to put forward a scheme which is lightweight and easy to deliver. The form can be split into 2 pre fabricated parts which are delivered to site using the railways tracks itself, lifted placed into position they are then simply joined to completed the structure. The use of local materials and traditional crafts means they are easy maintained.

Pit Stop Retreats

Pit Stop Retreats

Pit Stop Retreats

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Location: Siberia, Russia

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