Moon Towers Abu Dhabi buildings, Modern Middle East high-rise design, UAE architecture images

Moon Towers Abu Dhabi

Luxury Residential Apartments, UAE design by DNA Barcelona Architects

23 Nov 2016

Design: DNA Barcelona Architects

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Moon Towers UAE

Moon Towers

Moon Towers

Conceptual Design Strategy
Internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of Islam, the crescent moon plays a significant role in Islamic architecture.

Moon Towers

The design and construction of the building is influenced by the principles of Islamic architecture. The orientation of the towers towards the Mecca is adapted to the urban fabric. We can find indications of various geometric principles: the application of the shapes related to the geometrical principles of the moon.

Moon Towers

These residential towers aim is becoming a distinctive addition to the city skyline. The strength of the towers shape and their concept behind will make the complex become an iconic landmark in Abu Dhabi.

Modern Middle East high-rise design

Environmental Blueprint
A High end design glass facade with curtain walls helps to mitigate the solar heat while maximizing the daylight. Indoor green spaces and outdoor terraces for tenants create sky gardens and vertical green strips. A natural airflow system results from the difference between solids and voids.

Moon Towers Abu Dhabi design by DNA Barcelona Architects

Premium Grade Residential Building
Designed by one of the best in the industry, with an all glass facade and a distinctive design, the building is poised to become a new city landmark. Designed after analysing the different synergies between the moon and the proposed site during various periods of the year, the building embodies beauty and sophistication.

Abu Dhabi design by DNA Barcelona Architects

Middle East high-rise design by DNA Barcelona Architects

The use of parametric software involved in the structure, provides a unique depth in order to appreciate the wide and beautiful panoramic views. Spacious layouts and wide floor plants will give the tenants prestigious and advance infrastructures and provisions to live comfortably.

Moon Towers by DNA Barcelona Architects

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Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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