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NNS Apartment Saint Petersburg

New Russian Interior Residence Design Project design by Mudrogelenko

18 Dec 2014

NNS Apartment in Saint Petersburg Property

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Design: Mudrogelenko

Apartment in Saint Petersburg

In typical the 3 level apartment was made capital reconstruction. The principal changing of stairway’s type and construction created a new structure of interior and relationships between different parts. The adding for main volume the balconies areas made it possible to create big lightly common open space on the 1st floor, which includes the living room, the kitchen and dining room. The area of added space is 24 sqm – its 15 % of initial planning.

NNS Apartment in Saint Petersburg interior design

The most important thing in this project for us is an idea, and it is illustrated, that we can create in this typical apartment contemporary space, because the basic construction structure permits to do it. In this house are about 60 apartments of this type and all of them, except our project, use planning potential incorrectly (as we think) like it was in our apartment before reconstruction.

These changes are very simple – we change the structure of stairway. New type of straight stairway is more simple for building and more comfortable for using. In this object the stairway is like a “spine” of building, the conditions of all “internal organs” are depended from it.

Finally, these photos were made when the clients lived 3 months in this apartment and all accessories, that we see, are using in their private life. On the coffee table is a book from main exhibition of the Vienna Museum of Art History. On the open page – one of the mature works of Titian Vecellio – ” Shepherd and Nymph ” ( approx. 1570g . ) . In our opinion, in the ultra-modern minimalist interiors works of the Italian Renaissance are perceived particularly acute.

The main principals of reconstruction of residential space, implemented in the object:
1. Separation of functional areas on different floors (layers).
2. Open central space on the 1-st floor – living room and kitchen-dining room.
3. Orientation of central space – from the north – the kitchen, from the south – living room.
4. Daylight in all rooms.
5. Basic engineering systems house:
-insulation equipment from premises;
-vertically supply utilities in a single unit;
-horizontally floor communication;
-heating water warm floors;
-staircase is the distribution of natural ventilation in the direction north-south from the bottom – up.

NNS Apartment in Saint Petersburg – Building Information

Architects: Zlata Mudrogelenko, Dmitriy Mudrogelenko
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Project years: 2013-14
Project area: 200 sqm

Photographs: Ivan Sorokin

NNS Apartment

NNS Apartment images / information from Mudrogelenko

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Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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