Tatyshev Island Bridge, Krasnoyarsk Building, Siberia Architectural Design

Bridge on Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk

Siberia Architecture Development, Russia – design by OOO “ADM” Architects

16 Apr 2017

Bridge on Tatyshev Island

Design: OOO “ADM”, Architects

Location: Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

New Bridge on Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk


Siberia, Yenisei River, Krasnoyarsk

While working on the project we aimed to design a footbridge interconnected with the natural riverside areas and the landscape of the place.

Bridge on Tatyshev Island

The bridge in the location becomes a plastic continuation of the dynamic descent from the high bank and expresses in its shape the silhouette of the West Sayan Mountains on the opposite side of the Yenisei River. The versatile image contains a certain high-tech and, at the same time, a pulsating sign of nature, perceived in unity with the environment. This form integrates the space of living energy, the bridge as it slides over the water surface, transferring you to a unique island landscape.

Siberian Architecture Development by OOO “ADM” Architects

The two-span bridge is 140.7 meters in length. Its width is 5.6 meters with two footways left and right (1.5 meter each) and a two-way bicycle path (2.6 meters) in the middle. Although the passage is mostly for pedestrians, cyclists and roller skaters in urgent cases it can be used for technical transport and emergency services.

Siberia Architecture

Architectural and constructional logic of the form corresponds with the force diagram; allocation of loads along the mail tube structure allows achieving bearing capacity of it, strengthening just three basing parts.

The bridge will connect a big residential area with a large natural recreational and public space in the middle of the city – Tatyshev Island. At the present time there is a search for investors.

Bridge on Tatyshev Island Siberia

New Bridge to Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk – Building Information

Status: Unbuilt
Location: Krasnoyarsk, RU
Architects: OOO “ADM”
Project Year: 2016-17

Project team:
Author, chief architect: Aleksei Miakota
Co-author, architect: Lidiia Gribakina
Design engineer: Elena Elizarova
Structural engineer: Andrey Rubtsov
Team: Anna Yakimova, Marina Turovinina, Izabella Sokova, Roman Voloshko

Web-site: http://www.facebook.com/ADM.TechnologyFormingIdentity/

10 Jan 2016

Riverside Terrace, Tatyshev Island

Design: OOO “ADM”, Architects

Location: Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia

The riverside terrace on Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk

Riverside Terrace, Tatyshev Island

Riverside Terrace on Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is a big industrial city in Siberia located in a place with an individual natural landscape formed by the Yenisei River, its tributaries, riversides shaped by spurs of the West Sayan Mountains and some islands. Tatyshev Island is the biggest one. It is a unique natural area, recreational and public space located in the centre of Krasnoyarsk.

Riverside Terrace, Tatyshev Island

Tatyshev Island Bridge, Krasnoyarsk Building images / information from OOO “ADM”

Location: Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia

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