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Taking a Romantic Walk in Rome? Here Are the Top Beautiful Places!

19 Jan 2021

Maybe the title of the capital of romance belongs to Paris, Rome can be a wonder to a couple exploring it. Enjoying the sunset above the ancient city, once the known world’s capital, is still one of the greatest sights one can get. The city is full of places to see, explore and enjoy with your loved one. If you still have not found a match, we recommend visiting a dating site for singles, and if you do, here’s our list of the greatest places in Rome you can visit:

Take Romantic Walk in Rome

Romantic walk in Rome: the top beautiful places

Piazza Venezia

Taking a Romantic Walk in Rome

Named after the Cardinal Venezia, the Piazza Venezia is the central hub of Rome. This unique location borders some of Rome’s most unique landmarks like Capitoline Hill, Italy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II.

Several main roads (including the Via Dei Fori Imperiali and the Via del Corso) pass through here, placing the Piazza Venezia in the perfect location for tourists to visit both historical sites while not being far from local restaurants.

Giardino Degli Aranci

Taking a Romantic Walk in Rome

Also known as “The Orange Trees Garden,” this 7,800 sq. meter park provides an amazing city view. Located on Aventine Hill, the Giardino Degli Aranci is the perfect location to spend a romantic evening watching the sunset with your loved one (or enjoying the music provided by local buskers). During the daytime, you can admire the orange trees and beautiful gardens. Still, there is also shade naturally provided by the towering Umbrella pines. If you decide to spend a lot of time here, you won’t have trouble finding a place to rest as there is plenty of seating available throughout the park. While this isn’t a must-see, your partner will surely appreciate some time to relax in this beautiful garden.

Monte Mario

Taking a Romantic Walk in Rome

The Monte Mario has a distinct title as the tallest hill in Rome. This 139-meter (456.037-foot) tall hill is within walking distance from Vatican City and offers one of Rome’s best hiking experiences. If you travel to the part of the hill known as “Zodiac,” you will be able to see the main parts of the city to the South and West, as well as the Vatican City, the Monti Tiburtina, the Alban Hills, and the Monti Prenestini. But that’s not all – Monte Mario Observatory, a nature reserve, and two churches are also occupy the hill. There used to be a third church (called the Santa Croce a Monte Mario). Although it was destroyed in the 19th century, you can still visit the remains.

Vialetto Degli Innamorati

Taking a Romantic Walk in Rome

Another scenic hill you may want to visit is the Vialetto Degli Innamorati. It provides a beautiful place to view the sunrise or sunset and is also a great location to take panoramic pictures of the Tiber River and the Flaminio district. This romantic hill even has a bar and a restaurant (the Lo Zodiaco), which is particularly popular among couples.

Cozy Streets

Rome is home to many narrow streets. Although they are often the bane of those who live there, many tourists can appreciate the cobblestone used for the roads throughout the city. If you’re looking for a place full of local restaurants and bars, then you’ll want to visit the Roman neighborhood of Trastevere. Want to purchase some luxurious clothing instead of trip trinkets? Visit Via Condotti, where you can purchase from a wide variety of famous Italian clothing brands. Each different suburb in Rome will offer a unique experience, so feel free to wander around for some special sightseeing!

Spacious Squares, Fountains, and Bridges

Rome is home to many different spacious squares, unique fountains, and grandiose bridges. The most famous square in Rome is the Piazza del Popolo, which often hosts concerts, shows, and is home to two churches. If you visit Piazza Della Repubblica, you can see the La Fontana Delle Naiadi (The Fountain of the Naiads), a unique collection of sculptures once considered an offensive eyesore by the ancient Romans. For a slice of history, take a walk on Fabricius Bridge, the oldest bridge in Rome that’s still standing today.

Rome in the Evening: Best Places to Go After Sunset

The Colosseum

This is a nearly-2000-year-old amphitheater that was constructed from 72-80 AD, the symbol of the Antiquity, and Rome, of course, is a must-see. This breathtaking structure is 57 meters tall, 156 meters wide, and has a length of 188 meters. The Colosseum was originally used to display exotic animals, kill prisoners, and host gladiator fights. Nowadays, this unique landmark is a popular tourist destination. The best way to skip the lines is by purchasing a guided tour, but you can also buy a ticket to Palatine Hill or get a Roma Pass in order to skip the lines. After you’ve enjoyed this architectural anomaly, feel free to check out one of the many local restaurants nearby.

The Pantheon

If you love Roman architecture, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Pantheon. Although from the outside, the building appears to be rectangular, it’s actually home to the largest unsupported dome still standing in the world today. The unique construction of this building uses heavier materials at the bottom and gets lighter as it goes up (starting with travertine and ending with pumice). The interior height of the dome is over 140 feet tall! This unique structure currently functions as both a church and a popular tourist destination. If you get hungry, there are cafes outside where you can grab a bite to eat.

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