Santa Maria in Cosmedin Rome – Architecture

Santa Maria in Cosmedin Rome, Photos, Historic Italian Church Building, Design, Picture

Santa Maria in Cosmedin Roma : Architecture

Roman Religious Building I the capital of Italy

Santa Maria in Cosmedin

Location: south Rome

Date built: –

This historic religious building in the Italian capital city contains a simple, ancient interior.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin Rome architecture interior

In the portico of the church, on the north side, can be found La Bocca della Verità, an ancient sculpture thought to be a drain covering.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin Roma Santa Maria in Cosmedin Rome Santa Maria in Cosmedin Roma

A legend states that, if a person places his hand inside the mouth (“bocca”) and then swears falsely, the mouth will close and sever the hand. There is no attested case of such an event taking place.

The church’s bell tower is the tallest medieval belfry in Rome.

Medieval belfry:
Santa Maria in Cosmedin belfry

Detail of northeast apse window:
Santa Maria in Cosmedin window

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Just to east: Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus
photograph © Adrian Welch

Just to west: ‘Temple of Vestal Virgins’ (incorrect sobriquet)
Temple of Vestal Virgins Rome Temple of Vestal Virgins

To the north: Teatro di Marcello
Teatro di Marcello
photograph © Adrian Welch

Santa Maria in Cosmedin building images © Adrian Welch : available upon request: photos 2816×2112 pixels

Location: Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome, Italy

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