Santa Maria degli Angeli Roma, Building

Santa Maria degli Angeli Rome, Historic Italian Building Photos, Ancient Design Picture

Santa Maria degli Angeli, Roma : St Mary of the Angels Rome

St Mary of the Angels : Historic Roman Building with work by Michelangelo and Vanvitelli, Italy

Santa Maria degli Angeli Roma

St Mary of the Angels Rome

Location: Piazza della Republicca, northeast Rome

part created from Diocletian Baths, with a complex history and set of dates.

Involvement of Michelangelo and Vanvitelli

Santa Maria degli Angeli Roma - St Mary of the Angels Rome

Focal point to Via Nazionale

The basilica is dedicated to the Christian martyrs, known and unknown. By a brief in 1561, Pius IV ordered the church “built”, to be dedicated to the Beatissimae Virgini et omnium Angelorum et Martyrum (“the Most Blessed Virgin and all the Angels and Martyrs”).

Impetus for this dedication had been generated by the account of a vision experienced in the ruins of the Baths in 1541 by a Sicilian monk, Antonio del Duca, who had been lobbying for decades for papal authorization of a more formal veneration of the Angelic Princes. A story that these Martyrs were Christian slave labourers who had been set to constructing the Baths is modern. It was also a personal monument of Pope Pius IV, whose tomb is in the apsidal tribune.

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Piazza della Republicca, near Santa Maria degli Angeli
photograph © Adrian Welch

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Museo Nazionale Romano
Museo Nazionale Romano Museo Nazionale Romano near Santa Maria degli Angeli

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British Embassy building Rome
photograph © Adrian Welch

Italian historic building images © Adrian Welch : available upon request: photos 2816×2112 pixels

Location: Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome, Italy

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