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OKALUX Insulating Glass

OKATECH + OKAWOOD Insulating glass, Marktheidenfeld / Tuebingen, Germany

18 Aug 2012

Buildings using OKALUX Glass

21er Haus, Vienna, Austria
Design: Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH
21er Haus Wien - OKALUX Glass
photo : Belvedere, Vienna / Wolfgang Thaler
21er Haus Wien
The so-called 20er Haus in Vienna had been empty for nearly 10 years before it was rebuilt and reopened under the name “21er Haus” in November 2011. With his renovation, Austrian architect Adolf Krischanitz has succeeded in accentuating the building’s special appearance and has given its precise design even more expression.

Primary School Niederheide, Hohen Neuendorf, Oberhavel district, Brandenburg, Germany
Design: IBUS Architects and Engineers GbR
School Building Brandenburg
photo © Ali Moshiri
Primary School Building in Brandenburg
The Niederheide Primary School in Hohen Neuendorf is trend-setting in many ways: as the first school in Germany with a plus-energy standard, the building meets the highest requirements in terms of sustainability in both the building and the operation itself. In addition, the architecture of the IBUS Architects and Engineers, Berlin/Bremen effectively demonstrate how it is possible to design a school environment in which pupils and teachers can breathe and feel totally comfortable.

17 Aug 2012

OKALUX Glass – News

Patrick Coppée Granted More Decision-Making Power to Reinforce OKALUX GmbH’s International Course

Marktheidenfeld/Tuebingen, August 2012. Patrick Coppée has taken on additional key responsibilities as officer with more decision-making power for OKALUX GmbH. Native of Belgium, he is especially eager to expand the international network of the insulating glass producer. “Mr Coppée’s appointment is strengthening our position on the international market and we are looking forward to benefiting from his competence in strategic development and operations,” is how Oliver M. Hübler, OKALUX CEO, explains the management decision.

Patrick Coppée started as Director of Sales and Marketing at OKALUX April 2011. He can rely on many years of experience in the area of marketing as well as a thorough knowledge of special glass, architecture and design. This makes him a valuable member and expert of the management team.

OKALUX has successfully positioned itself with many projects worldwide – from Japan and Great Britain, through the USA and Russia to the Antarctis.

30 Jan 2012

OKALUX Glass – Two Buildings

An office building in the Czech Republic and a bank building in Germany

OKATECH from OKALUX as decorative and functional sun and heat protection

Office building in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Comfortable Working Conditions

Marktheidenfeld/Tuebingen, January 2012. At this very moment, an office building in Ostrava in the Czech Republic is profiting from the elegant sun protection and high exploitation of light provided by OKATECH insulating glass.

Ostrava office building Ostrava offices building
photos : Kuba & Pilař architekti

Ostrava, which is the third largest city in the Czech Republic, is in the midst of change. It has shifted its economic centre of gravity from the steel and coal industry in the 19th century to the machine building industry today. The business and service sectors are also growing. This development is benefiting from the advantageous location of the city in the border triangle of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and its connection to the railroad line between Vienna and Krakow. This explains the constantly growing demand for buildings which fulfil the requirements of modern service enterprises.

The architects from the Architect’s Office Kuba & Pilař have cultivated an empty lot next to the intersection of Biskupska Street and 28 října, near the main square and the Ostravice River, by erecting a distinctive glass cube. The clear and elegant building, which incorporates the perimeter block development, lends the public road space a new outline and optical points of orientation. In alignment with the outline of the building site, the five-storey armoured concrete frame construction rises out of the ground plan in the form of a trapeze. Shop areas are located on the ground floor while offices can be found on the above four floors. Two connecting cores at the rear of the building unite the floors down to the two underground car parks.

The distinguishing mark of the building is its façade:
The glass shell is structured by the filigree grid of the black post-and-beam façade construction. In spite of the total glazing, views into the building are limited during the day: Passers-by and drivers can only guess what is happening behind the metallic shine of the façade. While the office employees have a good view to the outside, their workplace is protected from curious glances. At night, the effect changes and the glass cube seems to be illuminated from within by shimmering light installations.

The shell owes its semi-transparent effect and special shine to OKATECH insulating glass with metal inserts from OKALUX. The functional glass softly diffuses the daylight into the interior while protecting it from sun and glare. OKATECHS’ large range of different metal wire mesh, expanded metal and perforated sheet make it the perfect choice for a myriad of individual design possibilities. Kuba & Pilař Architects chose a variant with anodised aluminum expanded metal for the office building in Ostrava. The three-pane build-up with sun and heat protective coating has an insulating glass U-value of 1.1 W/m²K (0.19 Btu/hr/ft²/°F) which guarantees optimal heat protection. OKATHERM heat insulating glass, which also has optimum values, was chosen for the shops on the ground floor because of its transparency.

Office building in Ostrava – Building Information

Project: Office building, Moravská Ostrava/CZ
Client: SN Building s.r.o., Ostrava/CZ
Architect: Kuba & Pilař architekti, Brno/CZ
Construction: Eiffage Construction Ceska republika s.r.o., Ostrava-Poruba/CZ
Completion: Jul 2011
Glass: OKATECH and OKATHERM from OKALUX GmbH, Marktheidenfeld, Germany

KUBA & PILAŘ architekti
Kopečná 58
602 00 Brno
Česká republika

Bank building in Delmenhorst, Germany

OKAWOOD Insulating glass with timber grid from OKALUX

Respecting privacy

Marktheidenfeld/Tuebingen, January 2012. People want to be able to carry out their banking transactions discretely – without having someone looking over their shoulder. It is a good thing when the architecture of a bank reacts to this need. The OKAWOOD functional glass from OKALUX used in the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO) in the city of Delmenhorst shields individual customers and employee areas from the other frequenters by creating protected zones. Not only does the timber grid in the cavities of the panes enable a good view to the outside – it also creates a pleasant daylight atmosphere.

Delmenhorst building
photo : Architekturfotografie Frank Aussieker

The challenges of uniting discretion and openness in one design were met by Schroeder Architects, Bremen, with their conception of the new pavilion for the LzO. Discrete areas of withdrawal for customers and employees contrast with the open design of the building to the street. The one storey building confidently blends into the surrounding environment of office buildings and a neighborhood shopping center. It opens towards the northwest to a small forecourt with benches and trees inviting the visitor to dwell for awhile.

The adjacent, generous glass façade on the north side clearly marks the main entrance towards the intersection. The night and self-service area with ATMs and bank statement printing machines are located in the vestibule behind it. Part of the entrance façade was equipped with OKAWOOD functional glass from OKALUX. The insulating glass with inserts of Meranti wooden grids in the cavities of the panes shield customers at the ATMs from curious glances. At the same time, muted light enters the interior through the filigree, 10 millimeter thick horizontal grids.

On the southeastern side, the large, central customer area is flanked by the vestibule and an interior area for the employees. These three areas form a Z in the floor plan which becomes a rectangle through the addition of the vestibule at the main entrance and a small garden at the southeastern façade. OKAWOOD elements in the glass façade ensure discretion in the main hall as well as the interior areas in spite of the openness of the design as a whole. The height of the building itself is also a reaction to the diverse areas of use. The northern part with its vestibule and large customer area is higher and more inviting than the lower, more intimate southern part designated for internal use.

With its light façade of plaster, and the warm hues of the wood in combination with the clean, simple building structure, the new building is a welcome contrast to the surrounding industrial area. The integrated ”LzO” logo of timber grids on the generous façade openings serve as a discrete advertising medium with atmospheric support at night from the unobtrusive indirect illumination.

Bank building in Delmenhorst – Building Information

Project: Branch bank of the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO), Delmenhorst, Germany
Client: Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO), Oldenburg, Germany
Architect: Schröder Architects, Bremen/Germany
Completion: Dec 2009
Glass: OKAWOOD from OKALUX GmbH, Marktheidenfeld, Germany

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OKALUX Insulating Glass
OKALUX Insulating Glass
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