Telehouse Business Center Prague

Telehouse Business Center, Prague Office Building Conversion, Sub-Station Extension, 1970s Commercial Czech Architecture

Telehouse Business Center in Prague

3 Feb 2022

Design: Schindler Seko architects studio

Location: Generála Píky 430/26, Praha 6, 160 00, Czech Republic

Telehouse Business Center Prague

Photos by Filip Šlapal

The Telehouse building is a conversion and extension of a telephone exchange sub-station from the late 1970s. The original building was designed as a pure technological plinth topped with 4 recessed floors mainly for administration.

Telehouse Business Center Prague

All telecommunication areas are preserved and remained in full operation throughout the construction process. The existing technology is fully integrated into the new architectural and structural concept, creating one fused compact unit – a technological sarcophagus which is embedded inside the new building.

Prague Telehouse Business Center

Telehouse Business Center, CZ

The site was previously organized as an isolated building surrounded by green trenches. The extended footprint and facades are following the urban context by reaching the existing street lines and completing the form of a city block.

Prague Telehouse Business Center

A new public park is carried out along the neighbouring PPF-Gate office building (designed by us in 2009), connected to a piazzetta and arcades covering grand stairs and escalators leading to the elevated main entrance patio (bridging the telecom machine rooms).

Telehouse Business Center Prague Prague Telehouse Business Center

The building massing concept consists of three 18 metres wide office fingers oriented in north-south direction and a mutual distance of 12 metres. This grid follows the six-meter modular step of the preserved structures. Two glazed vertical communication cores are placed into the court yards between the fingers, connecting the main entrance hall placed in the middle of the plan.

Telehouse Business Center CZ Czech conversion and extension of a telephone exchange sub-station

The new underground parking object in five levels is wrapping the existing structures and cable rooms. The appropriate cornice level of the block allowed six additional floors on top of the existing structure.

Telehouse Business Center CZ

This limited load bearing capacity, was achieved by using light construction methods – like cavity ceiling panels placed on Peikko steel beams and load-bearing facade walls.

Prague conversion and extension of a telephone exchange sub-station

In memory of the original building we re-installed the statue “Winner” by Olbram Zoubek into the entrance court yard, as wished by the sculptor and the architect of the original building Václav Aulický.

CZ telephone exchange sub-station building Telehouse Business Center Prague

Telehouse Business Center in Prague, CZ – Building Information

Design: Schindler Seko architects studio – / Jan Schindler, Ludvík Seko, Jakub Murla

Client: BPD development
Construction costs: 40 million EUR
Building site: 8 387 sqm
Foot print: 5 675 sqm
GFA aboveground: 25 373 sqm
GFA underground: 17 618 sqm
Total net areas: 35 480 sqm
Offices: 20 180 sqm
Retail: 1 920 sqm
M3: 160 000
Planning phases: 2/ 2009 – 5/2016
Construction: 11/ 2016 – 2022

Prague telephone exchange sub-station building

Telehouse Business Center Prague

Photography: Filip Šlapal

Telehouse Business Center, Prague images / information received 310122 from Schindler Seko architects studio

Location: Prague 4, Czech Republic, central eastern Europe

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