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Lookout Tower Závist near Prague

28 Oct 2022

Design: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš

Location: Opidum na Závisti, Czech Republic

Lookout Tower Opidum na Závisti

Photos by Ales Jungmann

Lookout Tower, CZ

The Lookout Tower Závist building is located on the edge of the former acropolis of the Celtic oppida on Hradiště hill, which also extended onto the opposite Šance hill, making it the largest oppida in Bohemia. The place is a popular destination for tourists from nearby Prague. In the past, the Acropolis was completely explored by archaeologists down to the rock itself, then covered again with earth. The place thus lost much of its original attractiveness. The observation tower should reverse this unfavourable situation.

Lookout Tower Závisti

This place is suitable for a rational, simple construction, where there is nothing extra. The three-sided supporting structure of the observation tower is made of pressure-impregnated larch logs connected by steel joints. The columns are arranged in a triangle with a side size of 4m and are connected to each other by logs and steel rods so that the entire structure functions as a lattice beam that is 28 meters high. It is complemented by “sálingy” with steel rods, the system stabilises the tower against the forces of the wind.

Lookout Tower Závisti

A spiral oak staircase is suspended in the center of the tower, and above the wooden structure rises a mast equipped with a banner and a signal light.
To extend the life of the structure, the horizontal elements are covered with sheet metal.

Lookout Tower Závisti Lookout Tower Závisti

Lookout Tower Opidum na Závisti Lookout Tower Opidum na Závisti

The observation tower is a structural development of our series of towers designed from wooden logs with a typical spiral staircase. The whole world is looking for a way to better harmonize with nature, minimize the carbon footprint and get out of the deep crisis that architecture is experiencing. Construction is our answer to a number of the mentioned questions.

Lookout Tower Opidum na Závisti Lookout Tower Opidum na Závisti

Lookout Tower in Opidum na Závisti, CZ – Building Information

Design: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš – http://hutarchitektury.cz/

Name: lookout tower Závist
Place: Opidum na Závisti
GPS: 49.9623658N, 14.4082000E

Architect: Huť architecture Martin Rajniš s.r.o.
Prof. Ing. architect Martin Rajniš
Ing. Vojta Pešek
MgA. David Kubik

General contractor: TAROS NOVA a.s.

Construction proposal: 2010
Implementation: 2021
Implementation period: 6 months

Operator: Dolní Břežany municipality

Lookout Tower Závisti

base of the tower: +- 0.0 = 389 m.a.s.l.
banner: + 419.8 m.a.s.l.
height of observation platform:
+ 24 m
height of the wooden structure:
+ 28 m
banner height: + 32.6 m
dimension of the base: 4 m
internal dimension of the staircase:
0.9 m
number of stairs: 128 (24 m / 128 height = 0.1875 m)
built-up area: 9 m2
built-up space: 130 m3
Larch logs used: 9 m3 (148 m total length)
Hot-dip galvanized steel: 10 t
Oak staircase: 6 m3

construction costs: CZK 4.8 million without VAT
electricity connection: 0.6 million CZK without VAT

Lead architect: Martin Rajnis
Architects: David Kubík and Vojtěch Pešek

Lookout Tower Závisti

Photographers: Ales Jungmann

Lookout Tower, Opidum na Závisti images / information received 281022 from HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš

Location: Pec pod Sněžkou, Královéhradecký kraj Czech Republic, central eastern Europe

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