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Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior

Contemporary Museum Development, Poland design by Zalewski Architecture Group

16 Feb 2018

Design: Zalewski Architecture Group

Location: Gliwice, Upper Silesia, southern Poland

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior Design

The concept of modernization of the staircase in a historic building from the late 19th century is based on the idea of evoking in recipients associations with the old character of the building but obtained through the use of modern spatial and formal solutions.

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior

Photos by Tomasz Zakrzewski / Archifolio

WONDERCASE – Modernization of staircase

Original elements characteristic for staircases in buildings from this period were often stucco work, ceilings and walls framing, railings and doors woodcarving details, forged construction elements of stairs, floors and paneling – often made from precious materials. The composition of these elements accounted for a coherent look of staircases.

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior

Unfortunately, throughout the centuries and as a result of successive reconstructions – these spaces have lost their original character. At present about the nature of these interiors decides rather random fusion of all “modern” elements such as gas pipes and counters, internet cables, security doors and paneling oil on the walls.

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior

Unfortunately, most changes made over the years is irreversible so as for this project we decided in advance to give up “conservation” approach – restore the original state – and instead to create a space that reconciles all the elements and at the same time will create a coherent interior space. As a rule we assumed to hide all installations in cabinets (installation shafts) and use uniform gray colour for all elements of the staircase.

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior Gliwice staircase interior design Poland

The unified in this way space became a background for decorative mirrors which are treated as elements simultaneously historicizing and (in conjunction with flooding gray aura) creating a “virtual space” – unreal by affecting its “physicality” – changing relationships of ceiling, walls and floors and creation of surprising views and reflections.

Gliwice staircase interior design Poland Gliwice staircase interior design Poland

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior – Building Information

Project name: Wondercase – Modernization of a staircase in the 19th century building
Architects: Zalewski Architecture Group / Krzysztof Zalewski, Adam Gil
Investor: private
Photographer: Archifolio / Tomasz Zakrzewski
Location: 30 Kosciuszki Street in Gliwice, Poland
Realization time: 2017

Gliwice staircase interior design Poland

Photographer: Tomasz Zakrzewski / Archifolio

Wondercase Gliwice Stair Interior images / information received 150218 from the Zalewski Architecture Group

Location: 30 Kosciuszki Street, Gliwice, Poland, eastern Europe

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