L’ Universite Lavoisier: Université Paris Diderot

Chemistry University Building, UFR Paris, Parisian Higher Education Design Images

L’ Universite Lavoisier, Paris : UFR Building

Higher Education Building France design by X-TU, architects

4 Oct 2012

UFR Paris

Design: X-TU anouk LEGENDRE + nicolas DESMAZIERES

Chemistry University, Université Paris Diderot

The architects wished to:

– construct the angle of the street, by a simple volumétrie form of which “works” by itself by waiting for the second stage.

– Exploit differences of level of the quarter put them in scene and show them as a “natural” slope of the place.

– Use the low levels of plan (under despicably), to accomplish continuity with the street and work them as a space sculpted in hollow, where would slide slowly the slope.

– Create so, an urban transparency, which will be seen against day there and returns in other urban crossings of the history of cities.

L' Universite Lavoisier - Université Paris Diderot Building, UFR Paris
photo © Dessade

It results from it a volume under which slides the slope. It is “tense” in its ends by relief’s which participate in» the anchoring «of plan in its environment [soil, streets, sky]. An urban balcony on the quarter. A covered square leads to the foyer, which it accompanies in its rise towards the high level of the quarter.

L' Universite Lavoisier - Université Paris Diderot Building, UFR Paris
photo © Dessade

This crossing of the university is the opportunity of a promenade in «urban balcony «on the street. So disposed, crossing crosses the university to the fringe. Links between the first one and second stages will be made easier.

L' Universite Lavoisier - Université Paris Diderot Building, UFR Paris
photo © Dessade

Facades: According to orientations, white facades and facades with motives oppose, The facade “pixelised” of the path Paris Ivry draws inspiration from images of water and neighbouring river. Her writing borrows from the directories of numerical pictures and its motive semi reflective + is accomplished by combining transparent glasses and. The “white” facade, of the street of Bailly emphasizes the form of “crossing” and is accomplished in transparent glasses serigraphy footbridges are dressed in stainless steel shining, and lit by “days” in vaulted polycarbonate.

L' Universite Lavoisier Paris Building L' Universite Lavoisier Paris design by X-TU architects L' Universite Lavoisier Paris Université Paris Diderot Building
photos © Monthiers

The « green casting »: a strong architectural space, with environmental character: _ the crossing under the building is worked as a public environmental space combining soil in clear concrete structured longitudinal joints and by steps and footbridges which drive in the foyer. Wrong posts tipped up in concrete of grain hide numerous technical scabbards of laboratories. Staircase, bleachers, and patio form a work which is also a landscape. The bleachers which extend. The patio is planted of augmentative low kinds. The foyer tinted with a green painting draws the back plan of this composition, but the strong element of this sequence is really the light which attracts look and aims steps.

Université Paris Diderot by X-TU Paris Building by X-TU L' Universite Lavoisier Paris - Building L' Universite Lavoisier Paris - Building
photos © X-TU

Pence faces of the building express themselves as the horizontal extension of the main facade of motive of which they will remind with images. They are accomplished in stainless steel bright and from concrete of grains _ illumination on the soil mark “Pixelises” this so. So, areas located at the level of man have an expression which they could qualify as “Jardinière”, advantageous for a more relaxed and alternative picture of research, in keeping with the aspirations of the today’s citizens, that they are researchers, students or local residents.

L' Universite Lavoisier Paris - Building
photo © Fillon

L’ Universite Lavoisier Paris – Building Information

Architects: X-TU anouk LEGENDRE + nicolas DESMAZIERES
Architects Team Dolores Ruiz – project chief
solveig kieser, amelie busin, charlotte brussieux, natalia salas, amandine batsele, melanie bury, grégoire plasson
Client: Paris
Situation: zac seine rive gauche, paris 13, 15 rue J.A de Baïf, lot M5B1
Program: offices + laboratory + students classroom
Cost: 24.590.000 € TTC [building + laboratory equipment] Surface: 10,700 m² shon
Engineering: iosis group _ peutz & associés
Company: sicra
Completion: 2008

Further information: http://www.univ-paris-diderot.fr/sc/site.php?bc=PRG&nompage=bat_lavoisier_bis

zac seine rive gauche Building Paris building by X-TU anouk LEGENDRE + nicolas DESMAZIERES 15 rue J.A de Baïf Building L' Universite Lavoisier Paris - Building
photos © X-TU

Paris UFR Building images / information from X-TU

X-TU Architects

Location: 15 rue J.A de Baïf, Paris 13, France, western Europe

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