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Oppdal Sentrum, Norway : Norwegian Design Competition

City Center Building – design by ADEPT, Architects

5 May 2011

Oppdal Sentrum Competition

Location: Oppdal city centre, south of Trondheim, central Norway

Design: ADEPT ApS | Arkitekter Maa

ADEPT wins Competition in Norway

Skiing in Oppdal Sentrum:
Oppdal Sentrum, Norwegian Design Competition
image from ADEPT

The scenic skiing and hiking area Oppdal in Norway is being revitalized with a new dynamic city center. ADEPT, in collaboration with Various Architects and Lalaland landscape architects, has won the international competition for Oppdal Sentrum. Their winner proposal Oppdal+ presents a dense mountain village containing new developments – residences, holiday houses, offices and retail – designed in an eco-friendly and accessible manner to increase the flow and number of skiers, hikers and activity-seekers in the center of Oppdal.

Oppdal is a popular Nordic destination for winter and summer sports. With this competition for Oppdal City Center the area is to become even more attractive by enhanced accessibility and coherence between landscape and city life. ADEPT has in collaboration with Various architects and Lalaland created the visions for Oppdal+ as a practical planned, comfortable and ecofriendly area for leisure and living.

The landscape, city life and activity in Oppdal+ are connected in one main concept: the plus sign. A new main road is placed outside the city to release space on the old main road, E6, which constitutes one of the two connection lines of the plus sign. Based on a shared space concept the old main road is transformed into an urban shopping street for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and skiers. Shops along the street will experience increased flow of people and a likely increase in trade. A green stretch waves across the area and creates a new connection axis. This new recreational stretch attaches the functions of the city (main plaza, town hall and culture house) with the functions in the surrounding landscape (skiing center, sports center and park). As a densifying as well as embracing intervention these two primary pedestrian axes create a cross through Oppdal, integrating the life of the city and landscape.

The new city center is densified by 142.000m2 new development containing residences, offices, public-oriented businesses and parking. To ensure a multifarious demographic community various housing types are introduced – each with a private outdoor area, e.g. balconies, roof terraces or mini-gardens. The use of material represents the vernacular, traditional building code and is kept in slate and wood, just as the saddle roof is appropriated for the new buildings.

The jury views Oppdal+ as a unique concept, forging an identity for the development of architectural expression, based on local building tradition. In their assessment the jury states: ”Oppdal+ has a clear and figurative vision – clean, rough and dense – embracing Oppdal at present and in the future; inhabitants and tourists. The working title is innovative, optimistic and creates space for identity and distinctiveness. The jury agrees on this proposal being a good and inspiring answer to the vision of the competition program.”

The team behind Oppdal+ consists of ADEPT, Various Architects and Laland. ADEPT and collaborating partners were selected to participate as the only international team, competing against Snøhetta and Asplan Viak, among others. For further information about the competition please go to www.oppdal.kommune.no.

ADEPT ApS, Denmark

ADEPT is based in Copenhagen and works within the fields of architecture, planning and urban design. The firm was founded in 2006 by architects Anders Lonka, Martin Laursen and Martin Krogh and today consists of approx. 25 dedicated employees, including planners, architects, landscape architects, constructors and communication people.

Currently ADEPT is working on their 1. prize projects; ‘Flintholm Spark’ 4000 m2 house of Culture and Movement in Frederiksberg (DK), ‘Dalarna Media Arena’ 3600 m2 multimedia library in Falun (SE) as well as following planning projects: ‘H+’ 100 ha master plan for a new recreational and residential area in Helsingborg (SE); ‘Fredericia C’ 20 ha development plan for new urban area in Fredericia (DK); ‘Thomas B. Thrieges Gade’ development of the city center of Odense (DK) and ‘Brøset’ sustainability strategies and planning for a C02-neutral urban area in Trondheim (NO).

Overview for Oppdal’s structural plan. A green connection is directed through the center. City and landscape intertwine in an integrated public/urban space:
Oppdal Sentrum Design Competition Norway
image from ADEPT


Location: Oppdal, Norway

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