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Key Contemporary Residential Developments in Russia: Built Environment + Property Updates

post updated 12 February 2024

Moscow Building Developments – chronological list

New Moscow Houses

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28 November 2023
Introspective House
Design: Kerimov Architects
Introspective House Losiny Ostrov National Park Moscow
image from architecture office
Introspective House, Losiny Ostrov National Park
The building’s structure is composed of 5 volumes connected by a common allure. This is done to ensure maximum privacy for each family member: 8 people from different generations will live here at the same time.

Updated 12 Dec 2021 + 30 Mar 2017
Ordynka, 25 Malaya Ordynka Street
Design: Architects of Invention
Ordynka Housing Complex Moscow
photos by Dmitriy Chebanenko, Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko, Dmitriy Yakovlev
Ordynka Club Houses Complex
The ORDYNKA project occupies the site of a famous chocolate factory in the historic heart of Moscow. It consists of seven high-end residential buildings connected by a spacious internal courtyard.

27 May 2021
Silver Pine, on the Moskva River
Architects: SAOTA
Silver Pine House Moscow
photo : Sergey Ananiev
Silver Pine House
In the Russian Capital of Moscow, this contemporary home Silver Pine, set among the pine woods on an island in the Moskva River, introduces a revolutionary outward-looking approach to the city’s architectural tradition.

25 Jan 2021
Ok Loft Apartment
OK Loft Apartment Moscow
image courtesy of architects practice
Ok Loft Apartment
This new Russian apartment for a young couple is based on a tandem of style and modern technology. The apartments are located in a new residential complex that recreates the classic loft atmosphere.

29 Dec 2020
Golden Mile Apartment
Architects: Maxim Kashin
Golden Mile Apartment Moscow
photograph : Dmitry Chebanenko
Golden Mile Apartment
Golden Mile was inspired by the Russian avant-garde. White colour, the colour of endless space in the suprematist paintings, has evolved in the interior, creating a geometric volume of the whole space. It is self-sufficient and also a background for the interior’s main elements – geometric dominating sculptures.

4 Aug 2020
n.n. – Residence near Moscow, beside the River Moskva
Design: J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten mbB, with Alexander Erman architecture & design
n.n. Residence near Moscow: J. MAYER H. und Partner
photo : Ilya Ivanov
n.n. – Residence near Moscow
n.n. represents a spatial exploration between concealment and exposure. This layered topography blurs the line separating landscape and construction. It is the private residence of a family in a rural area along the River Moskva.

9 Oct 2019
Gorki House near Moscow, Gorki settlement, Moscow area
Architects: Atrium
Moscow Houses Gorki House
photograph : Uriy Palmin, Anton Nadtochiy
Gorki House
This new Russian house was designed for a young couple with a child. Their only wish was to have a contemporary piece of architecture. The site is situated not far from Moscow to the west. The house is positioned on the top of a hill surrounded by pine trees.

26 Apr 2018
Capital Hill Residence, Barvikha Forest
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Capital Hill Residence in Moscow
image courtesy of ZHA
Capital Hill Residence in Moscow
Located on the north-facing hillside within the Barvikha Forest near Moscow, where pine and birch trees grow up to 20m high, the Capital Hill Residence is divided into two main components. The first merges with the sloping forested landscape, while a separate volume ‘floats’ 22 metres above the ground to benefit from the spectacular views of the forest over the trees.

Contemporary Moscow Houses – key new Russian capital properties chronological:

12 Mar 2019
Bolshevik Apartment
Architects: Cartelle Design Team
Bolshevik Apartment in Moscow
photograph : Denis Krasikov
Bolshevik Apartment
The customer is a young girl. In space it is necessary it was to provide a place for books and a small amount of decor. The kitchen is compact, with the necessary minimum technology because the hostess practically does not cook.

1 Aug 2017
Melnikov House, Krivoarbatsky Ln, 10, Moskva, Russia, 119002
Architect: Konstantin Melinkov
Melnikov House
photo © Pavel Kuznetsov
Melnikov House Moscow
Moscow’s Melnikov House is a superlative example of Soviet avantgarde architecture and a masterpiece of structural ingenuity. Built as two intersecting cylinders, the house’s unconventional style reflects the boundary-pushing vision of architect Konstantin Melnikov, who designed the house as his studio and family residence.

27 Sep 2017
Apartment in Moscow
Architects: Monoloko Design
Apartment in Moscow
photo : Dmitry Chebanenko
Apartment in Moscow
The main idea behind this residential project is to turn the interior toward the view from the windows. The interior is designed to reveal the entire space, drawing attention to panoramic views of a nearby park and rowing basin through the use of geometry and reflections in mirrors and glass.

21 Apr 2017
Parametric Residence, Uspenskoe Village, Odintsovo District, Moscow Oblast
Design: Simon Rastorguev design group
Parametric Residence in Uspenskoe |
image from architecture office
Parametric Residence
Construction of a unique futuristic private house in the Moscow suburbs started. Parametric Residence is a building with polygonal architecture. Its design is based on the synergy of creative and artistic searches with algorithms of parametric computer modeling.

9 Feb 2017
Barkli Park Homes, Sovetskoi Armii str 6
Architects: Atrium
Barkli Park Homes
photograph : Uriy Palmin, Anton Nadtochiy, Ilya Egorkin, Ilya Ivanov, Pavel Iovik
Barkli Park Homes in Moscow
Barkli Park is a residential complex with a Moscow Committee of Sport sport-center. It is situated in a neighborhood built mostly in the soviet period, but on the border of the Ekaterininsky historical park.

26 Sep 2013
House N Modernisation
Design: 4a Architekten
House N Modernisation Moscow
photo : Dmitry Chebanenko
House N Modernisation
This residential building is the redevelopment of a house built in the 1990s. The architects where tasked with providing a new identity to the building.

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House in Rostov-on-Don
Design: Architectural studio Chado
House in Rostov-on-Don, Russia
image courtesy of architects
House in Rostov-on-Don
The building symmetry is dynamically emphasized by two-sided fireplace pipe.

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