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Melnikov House Moscow

20th Century Architecture in Russia – Constructivist design by architect Konstantin Melnikov

26 Nov 2017

Melnikov House Moscow Building News

Design: Konstantin Melnikov architect

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date built: 1929

Melnikov House in Moscow

Melnikov House
photo © Pavel Kuznetsov

English text (scroll down for Russian):

International Advisory Committee discussed plan of pre-conservation research of the Melnikov House

The State Melnikov Museum hosted in the house-studio of Konstantin Melnikov at Krivoarbatsky lane in Moscow a group of members of International Advisory Committee (IAC) chaired by Professor Jean-Louis Cohen (France).

Melnikov Moscow Building in Russia

Local and international experts discussed logic and priorities of a pre-conservation survey of the Melnikov House and the adjacent site, its program, timing and organizational scheme. Besides that reports on conditions of vital engineering systems, heating and electrics, were presented to the IAC members.

An in-depth survey as a first stage of this conservation project will be done in course 2019 using the grant from the Getty Foundation (USA) and a donation from PIK Group (Russia). One of the project outcomes will be a BIM (Building Information Model) of the House.

IAC Melnikov Moscow meeting in Russia

Pavel Kuznetsov, director of the State Melnikovs Museum: “Research program covers literally everything – from foundations, constructions, inter-floor membrane to fabrics, colors and built-in interior elements. Experts managed to find proper ‘division of labour’ between stakeholders of this complex project, all participants recognize very well the highest responsibility of their mission: to save this unique monument for humanity”.

IAC Melnikov Moscow meeting in Russia 2017

Russian text:

Международные наблюдатели обсудили планы обследовния Дома Мельникова перед реставрацией

20 ноября 2017 года Музей Мельниковых принимал в доме-мастерской Константина Мельникова в Кривоарбатском переулке членов International Advisory Committee под председательством профессора Ж.-Л. Коэна (Франция). Российские и зарубежные эксперты обсудили логику и приоритеты предстоящего пред-реставрационного обследования Дома Мельникова и геологии прилегающего участка, его программу, график и состав участников. Помимо этого гостям были представлены отчеты о текущем состоянии жизненно важных для Дома инженерных систем – отопления и электрических сетей.

Обследование будет проходить в течение всего 2018 года на средства гранта Фонда Гетти (США) и пожертвования группы компаний “ПИК” (Россия). Одним из направлений работы станет также создание BIM-модели Дома.

Павел Кузнецов, директор Музея Мельниковых: “По итогам обсуждения в целом одобрена предложенная экспертами программа исследований, охватывающая буквально все – от фундаментов, конструкций стен и перекрытий до отделочных материалов, встроенных элементов интерьеров и колористики. Важно, что удалось найти оптимальное распределение ролей между участниками этого сложнейшего проекта, все они хорошо осознают ответственность миссии – сохранить этот уникальный памятник для человечества.”

За дополнительной информацией, пожалуйста, обращайтесь:
Телефон дирекции музея: +7 (495) 690-39-00
[email protected]

1 Aug 2017

Melnikov House Moscow Building Grant

Design: Konstantin Melnikov architect

Location: Moscow, Russia

Melnikov House Moscow Building

Date built: 1929

Melnikov House in Moscow One of Twelve Recipients of Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern Grants

For: Schusev State Museum of Architecture

Melnikov House
photo © Pavel Kuznetsov

Moscow’s Melnikov House is a superlative example of Soviet avantgarde architecture and a masterpiece of structural ingenuity. Built as two intersecting cylinders, the house’s unconventional style reflects the boundary-pushing vision of architect Konstantin Melnikov, who designed the house as his studio and family residence.

Two generations of the family lived in the building until the death of the architect’s son in 2006, and it was transferred to the state in 2011 to be operated as a museum. The house and studio contain more than 14,000 objects, including original furnishings, paintings and drawings by Konstantin and Victor Melnikov, as well as architectural drawings and sketches. The site has now become the new State Melnikovs Museum—a branch of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture.

Among the defining features of Melnikov’s design is the reliance on cylindrical shapes to provide both material economy and structural sturdiness. The house contains no interior load-bearing walls, allowing for large, unobstructed rooms and maximum light and space. The home also incorporates glass to striking effect, most notably with its 64 unique ‘honeycomb’ hexagonal windows that provide diffuse light throughout the interior. Because of renewed interest in the home’s long-term preservation—and the desire of museum officials to increase annual visitation—the museum must address the building’s underlying conservation needs.

Grant funds will support the development of a conservation plan, based on studies of archival records combined with technical research into the roof, façade, and windows; an assessment of the structural condition; a study of the heating, ventilation, and internal electrical and mechanical systems; and a survey of the interiors. The plan will serve as a model for best practice for other avant-garde monuments from the 1920s-1930s in Russia and include participation by local and international experts.

Grant support: $120,000

Melnikov House Moscow Building images / information from The Getty Foundation

Getty Foundation Keeping it Modern 2017 Grants

Address: Krivoarbatsky Ln, 10, Moskva, Russia, 119002
Phone: +7 495 690-39-00

Location: Melnikov House, Moscow, Russia

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