Castione Andevenno City Hall, Sondrio Building, Lombardy Architecture, North Italian Civic Design

Castione Andevenno City Hall, Sondrio

9 November 2021

Location: Province of Sondrio, Lombardy, north of Milan, Northern Italy

Design: SDARCH Trivelli&Associati

Castione Andevenno City Hall building in Sondrio

Photos by Leo Torri

City Hall in Castione Andevenno Building Renovation

City Hall in Castione Andevenno

Two stages Design Competition – First stage

New Town Hall and public areas in Castione Andevenno

Project description

Castione Andevenno City Hall building

Urban insertion and accesses

The design proposal is based on the competition brief of the Design Competition with the aim of concentrating the surfaces in a compact building that can volumetrically fit into the context of the project in order to define with its regularity, a recognizable element in able to have a relationship with the landscape. The location of the building also defines two external areas: a small square on the main entrance and a terrace, with secondary access on the opposite side.

Ground floor:
Castione Andevenno City Hall design proposal Ground floor

These two spaces have the characteristic of being a public space, for the use of the citizens and a semi-public space for the prevalent use of the Town Hall. Vehicle access to the basement takes place at the lowest level on the south side.

First floor:
Castione Andevenno City Hall design proposal First floor

Spatial organization of the Town Hall

The Town Hall is on 5 levels (a basement, three above ground and an attic with a minimum height of 2.40) with an area located to the north that is serving (stairs, lift and toilets) with respect to the various floors that are designed with open space or flexibly organized according to a functional program that can change over time. At the ground floor an additional room has been added, with respect to the program, which can be used as a “meeting room” or for the activities of local associations. The four elevations are designed by large wood or glass surfaces that carve the opaque facade.

Prospective vertical section:
Castione Andevenno City Hall Prospective vertical section

The main access is from the square to the east and its front is simple and linear, in which, in addition to the shape of the entrance, the windowed opening of the Sala Giunta e Sindaco is highlighted. The south front is characterized by a design of wooden elements and wooden panels that change the intensity of frequency from bottom to top and characterize this front for the rhythm of solids and voids, flat and prominent surfaces, transparent and opaque.

West elevation:
Castione Andevenno building restoration Italy

This elevation, like a single surface vibrating in the light, faces south, towards the valley and the mountains, it is the front from which the work environments overlook the landscape. The terrace located to the west of the building is a multifunctional space (loading-unloading, overlooking, the external area of the town hall, …) and can also be used as service entrance.

vertical section:
Castione Andevenno City Hall, Sondrio, vertical section

East elevation:
Castione Andevenno City Hall building renovation in Sondrio

Landscape and Monument

The existing War Memorial is moved in front of the Town Hall, across the street, the parking area has been slightly reduced to make room for the size of the existing circle marked by an open bronze ring that contains the sculpture and commemorative plaques, which now they find the landscape and the profile of the mountains of the valley as a backdrop. This location was chosen to give value to the work but also to create a link between the landscaped area located east of the intervention and the municipal square.

South elevation:
Castione Andevenno City Hall building restoration Italy

In the parking area, a small wooden terrace will be added, which can be used by cyclists but also as an extension of the events area. The carriageway is divided into two zones: one for vehicles and the other for cycle-pedestrians in order to create a potential future cycle link and ensure a safe access to the sports area.

Castione Andevenno City Hall, Sondrio, Lombardy

Photos: Leo Torri ph.

Castione Andevenno City Hall, Sondrio, Lombardy images / information 091121 from SDARCH Trivelli&Associati

SDARCH Trivelli&Associati, Lotto 15 | Fabbrica del Vapore, 4, Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Milan, Mi 20154, Italy

Location: Castione Andevenno , Sondrio, Lombardy, northern Italy, southern Europe

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