CAS Residence by SDH Studio Architects in Miami

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CAS Residence by SDH Studio Architects in Miami, FL

Oct 4, 2021

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming popular in the housing and real estate market. Homeowners are now leaning towards functional designs that enhance comfort, versatility, and wellness. With these multi-use spaces, the outdoor-living areas blend seamlessly with the indoors, thanks to a harmonious and qualified transition.

Boca Raton home by SDH Studio Architects

That said, architects for quite some time now have been stretching the limits of what’s possible in the contemporary design market. SDH Architects in Miami is one of the most recent architecture firms to complete an epic project that draws inspiration from the concept of outdoor living. Before we explore what CAS Residence by SDH Studio offers, let’s first discuss the essential design aspects of indoor-outdoor living.

Boca Raton home by SDH Studio Architects

What Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces is All About

The days of a traditional deck or patio with indoor spaces separated by solid walls are long gone. Homeowners’ tastes and preferences are shifting rapidly, and architects are doing a great job catching up with them. Today, sliding glass walls are gaining acceptance as homeowners prefer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Lounge areas and dining rooms are also becoming more versatile and could easily be incorporated indoors and outdoors.

Boca Raton home by SDH Studio Architects

Here are the critical design aspects of indoor-outdoor living spaces:

  • Outdoor pool– This is an area that the whole family can enjoy; hence it takes center stage. The pool design can come in any size and shape, provided it doesn’t complicate the owner’s goal for functionality, comfort, and convenience.
  • Spa and sunroom areas– every modern home tries to incorporate a spa area that allows for afternoon or weekend relaxation. Sunrooms are also becoming common in almost all indoor-outdoor projects, especially in tropical-climate areas. These two create a little wellness corner in your home that you can occasionally incorporate into your staycation plans.
  • Outdoor entertainment areas– Since people will spend some or even most of their time outdoors, incorporating specific forms of entertainment in the outdoor space is a great idea. Common design aspects include a lounge area for hanging out, a fireplace, side tables, and an outdoor TV & sound systems, where necessary.
  • Outdoor kitchen/dining space – the outdoor kitchen will feature spacious cabinets, sinks, grills, small refrigerators, stovetops, and even a dishwasher. To complement the design, the dining space should be adjacent to the kitchen.

With indoor-outdoor living spaces, your design is only limited by your creativity. So you need to choose a competent architect to work with.

Boca Raton home by SDH Studio Architects - CAS Residence

CAS Residence by SDH Studio Architects: An Epitome of Warmth and Hospitality

Designed by the legendary architects at SDH Studio in Miami, CAS Residence is a true reflection of charm and exception. This 5,000-square-foot home is centrally located at the Boca Raton waterway and features six bedrooms and nearly 2,000 feet in gorgeous outdoor terraces. This residence has inspired the locals to think beyond the typical contemporary Miami architecture; to further adapt their homes for space, comfort, and convenience.

The owners of this home wanted a fun, comfortable, and unique family home that would guarantee incredible moments with their four children. As one of the best architecture firms that focus on forward-thinking design and individuality, SDH Studio didn’t disappoint. The firm went above and beyond the obvious design and implementation challenges to offer homeowners what they rightly deserve.

According to the lead architecture and founder of SDH Studio, Stephanie Halfen, the home is designed to take advantage of every inch of natural light. That means using more glass windows than walls and choosing the perfect orientation. Similarly, nature is part and parcel of the design, and this is evident in the carefully selected finishes and even the building itself. Vertical gardens, a beautiful yard, and several other natural elements add lots of volume and movement to this irresistible architectural masterpiece.

Boca Raton home by SDH Studio Architects - CAS Residence

CAS Residence Interiors

Moving to the interiors, the design features are breathtaking, to say the least. Everything from the floor, seats, chairs, and wall accents have been chosen to complement the exceptional work that began from the outside. Enormous wall-to-ceiling glass windows allow for spectacular views of the outdoors. The choice of lighting fixtures, the rich hardwood flooring, and the location of the contemporary pool table couldn’t be more right.

Inside the master bedroom are a series of surprise nature elements that make for a great daytime nap and relaxation as well as a peaceful night’s sleep. The modern custom bed may not attract your attention at first glance, but the minimalist nightstands will have you gazing at the legendary background it creates.

CAS Residence by SDH Studio Architects in Miami

CAS Residence Miami by SDH Studio Architects – Final Takeaways

SDH Studio architects have cemented their reputation as an architecture firm of choice, thanks to the many projects that have been featured in numerous publications such as Tropic Magazine, Ocean Home, Miami Home & Décor, among others. CAS Residence adds to the firm’s portfolio, and like the many others before it, it’s an epic work of art and a true definition of an indoor-outdoor living space that inspires.

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Location: Miami, Florida, USA

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