Intervención en el Paraíso – Nuevo Leon House

Intervención en el Paraíso, San Pedro Garza García House, Mexican Residence, Property in Mexico

Intervención en el Paraíso, México : San Pedro Garza García House

Mexican Residence, Nuevo León – design by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura

13 Nov 2012

Intervención en el “Paraíso”

Location: San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México

Design: 7XA Taller de Arquitectura

Nuevo Leon Residence

Apologies for the text – seems like the translation isn’t the best!

Youth social activity of the new tenants of a residence-based design is a pretext classical conventions for this intervention with arrogance announced bursts into the pool area of the same. Game room, bar, palapa, sitting area and other programs changing hosting this tempered glass cube that seems to challenge his host.

Intervención en el Paraíso Intervención en el Paraíso Intervención en el Paraíso Intervención en el Paraíso
photos : Adrian Saldaña

The intention is to enable the user has no visual impediments to and from the outside, the building also serves as a framework for social activity allowing this once active the star of the place. Floors and walls of stone and natural woods serve as “canvases” trying to talk to existing brick building. The cube is usable even on your roof, this being a terrace to get away from the noise caused by the activity generated around the pool.

Intervención en el Paraíso Nuevo León Home Nuevo León Property Nuevo León House
photos : Adrian Saldaña

Constructive exercise is simple to achieve this: two concrete slabs are floor and ceiling of the cube, without a tubular column six inches in diameter. From the edges of these slabs are fixed steel rivets which serve as supports to the forge of the tempered glass outer-isolating some activity, some of these crystals can be folded to completely integrate the yard and make activity where there is unobstructed flow a meeting.

Nuevo León House Nuevo León Residence
photos : Adrian Saldaña

Intervención en el Paraíso – Building Information

Type: Residential
Development: Construction Work
Date: 2011
Location: San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL
Project: Workshop 7XA Architecture / Angel Lopez, Carlos Ortiz
Design Team: Angel Lopez, Carlos Ortiz, Nashelly Ricaño Ruben Baez
Construction: 7XA Architecture Workshop

Photo Credit: Adrian Saldaña

Intervención en el Paraíso images / information from 7XA Taller de Arquitectura

Location: San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL, México, North America

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