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Casa S, México

Contemporary Mexican Residence – design by Lassala + Orozco Architects

19 Feb 2014

S House

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Design: Lassala + Orozco Architects

Casa S México

The first requirement from our client was to get the most use of the land permitted by the regulations of the residential compound in which “Casa S” is located, seeking a better benefit scenario in case the property is sold in the future. That is why Casa S México is developed in two floors that add up to the maximum height permitted by regulations and uses up every sqm available in its layout.

Casa S, México

Natural illumination, open spaces and the inclusion of green processes and technologies in the house’s design were also requisites.

Casa S, México

Design criteria, appearance and finishes

This house presents great geometric volumes of simple and clean lines. Specific areas like the access gallery and the terrace with view to the Primavera Forrest include elements of narrative character in its sculptures as the result of design incentives that build on the Contemporary Mexican style of the project.

Casa S, México

The overall volumetric concept parts from two main elements; one with a stone texture and the second one in stucco that live together in harmony and are separated by a vertical glass “fissure” that contains the entrance to the house.

Casa S, México

The garage doors and the main door of the house are made out of Cumarú wood and compound an element that wraps up the two main volumes. Meanwhile the gallery is conceptualized as a cubic volume subtracted from the other two volumes, generating a feeling of contrasting vacuity in the indoor space.

Casa S, México

The design of the house is solved around the double-height central gallery that can be accessed from all the rooms in the ground floor and first floor. This access hall that has a cubic proportion ( 8.5m x 8.5m x 8.5m ) is “sliced” diagonally by a triangular water mirror.

Casa S, México

The stairs that go up to the first floor fly over the water and reach out to a crying water wall that pours its water into the mirror where Manuel Marin’s sculptoric group called “Allegoria de la Pintura, la Escultura y la Arquitectura” is found. Only a huge mirror and a large bench decorate this space.

Casa S, México

Casa S México – Building Information

Project by: LASSALA+OROZCO Taller de arquitectura
Partners: Carlos Lassala Mozo, Guillermo R. Orozco y Orozco
Studio: Nazdira Yamel Rodriguez Vera, Leonardo Schoeneck Contreras
Interior Design By: Lassala+Elenes arquitectos

Photos: Marcos Garcia

S House images / information from Lassala + Orozco Architects

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México, North America

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