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Mt Atkinson Vision Centre in Melbourne

26 March 2024

Architect: Tandem Design Studio

Location: Truganina, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne Victoria
photo © Blue Tree Studios

Photos by Kieran Merriman, Earl Carter and Blue Tree Studios

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre, Australia

Visionary Volumes: Stockland Vision Centre At Mt Atkinson

The Vision Centre at Stockland’s Mt Atkinson development establishes a confident first impression of a future-focused new community in Truganina.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne
photo © Kieran Merriman

Situated in Melbourne’s western suburban fringe, this area comprises growing residential precincts in need of increased public amenity. In response, this civic-minded project enables layered commercial use within a socially and environmentally sustainable building. True to its visionary purpose, the centre introduces an inspired design language, setting the standard for the broader development to come.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne
photo © Kieran Merriman

Architectural Presence
Evoking the playful potential of timber blocks, sculpturally stacked prefabricated volumes on two floors create a marked sense of place in an open grassland site. Intended as an initial gateway to Mt Atkinson, integral to wayfinding in the developing neighbourhood, the structure is intentionally visible from approaching main roads.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne
photo © Kieran Merriman

Clad in ribs of weathered corten steel and surfaces of pre-weathered timber, a selection of natural, sustainably sourced materials remains sensitive to its surrounding landscape. Planting on exposed terraces and rooftops will not only further embed the centre in its environment but also contribute to reduced heat loads and efficient thermal management.

A north-facing gazebo, cafe and adjacent playground provide welcoming family-friendly facilities, in a public-facing ground floor which will act as a hub for markets, festivals, gatherings and assorted activations planned for community engagement. Visitors enter through an inviting lobby area, bathed in light from overhead skylights, and lined in blackbutt timber. This tactile interior palette exudes warmth and an affinity for providing high quality, durable natural materials.

In celebration of its green surroundings, the robust building combines an outward-looking radial structure with ample glazing to offer curated views of sprawling Mt Atkinson native grasslands, affirming its connection to the location.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne
photo © Kieran Merriman

Adaptable Response
The Vision Centre is built to support flexible function for diverse user groups, conceived as an enduring community landmark that can shift alongside the changing requirements of its locale, now and into the future.

As a sales centre situated on a display village avenue, the architecturally significant building serves as an aspirational statement of intent to potential buyers looking to invest in thoughtfully executed, design-led homes. Spatial flow in this dedicated sales area has been carefully mapped to optimise the customer journey.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Victoria
photo © Earl Carter

Currently, the Vision Centre accommodates offices for Stockland and Mt Atkinson sales staff, as well as rooms for a maternal health consultation. Considerate of the project’s overall lifespan beyond this first phase of community building, internal spaces have been kept intentionally open and unprescribed.

As the precinct segues into its future intended purpose as a business park, projected usage includes leasable co-working space for start-up enterprise, long term larger commercial tenancies, an evolved hospitality offering in the form of a licenced restaurant or bar, and continuation of essential health services.

The Vision Centre is made of prefabricated steel construction, as a result of an exploration into the cost and resource-efficient design processes. This scalable, resourceful and fast system was installed in only three days, while providing a structure that is completely demountable, enabling disassembly and reuse elsewhere.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Victoria
photo © Earl Carter

What was the brief?
The brief was for a building to serve as a sales room and community space for the new residential area of Mt Atkinson led by Stockland, Australia’s largest community creator.

What were the key challenges?
The project needed to designed in such a way so as it could be built quickly and have the possibility of disassembly in the future.

What were the solutions?
The solution was to prefabricate the structure and have it trucked into site and arranged. The building was wrapped in a weathered steel façade as it is durable and recyclable. The interior spaces are considered retrofittable and adjustable to changing requirements overtime.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne Victoria
photo © Blue Tree Studios

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre in Melbourne, Victoria – Building Information

Architect: Tandem Design Studio –

Completion date 2023
Building levels 2

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre Melbourne Victoria
photo © Blue Tree Studios

Photography: Kieran Merriman, Earl Carter and Blue Tree Studios

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Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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