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Oct 25, 2012

Zaha Hadid Architects Pleated Shell Structures – SCI-Arc Gallery


Oct 12 – Dec 2, 2012
SCI-Arc Gallery

Zaha Hadid Pleated Shell Structures SCI-Arc Architecture News SCI-Arc Architecture News - Zaha Hadid Pleated Shell Structures Zaha Hadid Pleated Shell Structures SCI-Arc Gallery
pictures from SCI-Arc

SCI-Arc Exhibition News

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to present a Zaha Hadid Architects site specific installation opening October 12 in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Pleated Shell Structures, a short term research prototype designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid and her firm, posits itself within the argument of parametric design research to focus its efforts on design methods that encompass an operative pathway from design intent to manifestation.

Physical form-finding—hanging chains and cloth, soap films etc.—and associated architectural design methods as pioneered by Antonio Gaudi, Heinz Isler, Frei Otto, Felix Candela and others is common knowledge among architects. The proposed research-prototype aims to extend this work to adequately represent the ambitions and complexities of scale, digital design systems and delivery mechanisms of contemporary architectural practices.

The installation will explore as a design-build exercise, synergies between architectural articulation, engineering logics and fabrication constraints. It will continue Zaha Hadid Architects’ on-going research on architectural articulation of self-supporting, curved surface geometries.

Exhibition Discussion & Reception took place on October 12 with Zaha Hadid Architects Partner Patrik Schumacher and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss

9 Feb 2012

SCI-Arc Architecture News – Peter Eisenman + Jeffrey Kipnis Lecture

SCI-Arc Welcomes Peter Eisenman + Jeffrey Kipnis

Monday, March 5, 7pm in the W. M Keck Lecture Hall

Peter Eisenman is an internationally recognized architect and educator whose award-winning large-scale housing and urban design projects, innovative facilities for educational institutions, and series of inventive private houses attest to a career of excellence in design. Prior to establishing a full-time architectural practice in 1980, Eisenman worked as an independent architect, educator, and theorist.

In 1967, he founded the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), an international think tank for architecture in New York, and served as its director until 1982. Eisenman is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Tuesday, March 6, 7pm in the W.M. Keck Lecture Hall

Architectural theorist Jeffrey Kipnis, professor of architectural design and theory at the Ohio State Knowlton School of Architecture, has been working on a close reading of SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss’ work with his students at OSU and will present their conclusions to the SCI-Arc community. In his own words: “The lecture would neither be a hagiography nor a history nor a biography, but a reading of the work of Eric Owen Moss in terms of the relationship between the individual and the body politic that underwrites the work and its development over the years.”

SCI Arc Architecture Events : current event news

12 Jan 2012

SCI-Arc Caltech Hanwha Solar House Exhibition

SCI-Arc / Caltech Hanwha Solar House

Public Exhibition of the SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar House Opens January 17 at the California Science Center

Los Angeles Civic, Business, and Architecture and Engineering Thought-leaders Gather to Unveil and Celebrate CHIP—the Compact, Hyper-Insulated Prototype Solar House

SCI-Arc, Caltech and Hanwha Solar Team Up to Spearhead Innovation in Energy-efficient Home Design

Los Angeles, CA (January 11, 2012) – The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Caltech Institute of Technology (Caltech), global solar panel manufacturer Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. (Hanwha Solar) and California Science Center are pleased to announce the unveiling of the SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar CHIP House at the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles. A ribbon-cutting celebration with Los Angeles Councilwoman and Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry, Director Eric Owen Moss of SCI-Arc, Caltech Resnick Institute Director Harry Atwater, California Science Center Deputy Director of Education Ron Rohovit, and Justin Lee, Chief Commercial Officer of Hanwha Solar, will be held Tuesday, January 17, at 2pm at the California Science Center at Exposition Park.

SCI-Arc / Caltech Hanwha Solar House – CHIP completed:
SCI-Arc Architecture News Caltech Hanwha Solar House SCI-Arc Caltech Hanwha Solar House
images : Ryan Tyler Martinez/SCI-Arc

“SCI-Arc is an education and innovation anchor of the CleanTech Corridor, helping LA lead in sustainable design and architecture,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “I commend SCI-Arc and Caltech’s innovative use of solar power for the next generation of clean energy residential properties.”

CHIP was built by the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and sponsored by Hanwha Solar. It won first place in the energy balance contest at the U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored Solar Decathlon competition in September 2011.

“SCI-Arc and Caltech have really taken on the question of livability in American housing and offered a new sensibility for both its content and its character,” said SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss. “The CHIP is a welcome address to an alternative housing future.”

Through a partnership with the California Science Center, the house will be open to the public for free tours through May 31, 2012, giving Science Center visitors the opportunity to explore CHIP both inside and out. Tours will be available weekdays from 10am to 1:30pm, and weekends from 10am to 4pm.

SCI-Arc / Caltech Hanwha Solar House – CHIP completed:
Caltech Hanwha Solar House SCI-Arc Architecture News SCI-Arc Caltech Hanwha Solar House
images : Ryan Tyler Martinez/SCI-Arc

“The Science Center’s Ecosystems gallery gives our guests an appreciation for how the living world and physical world are interconnected. We believe the experience provides guests with the knowledge to become better stewards of the environment,” said Ron Rohovit, Deputy Director of Education at the California Science Center. “The CHIP House extends that knowledge with an innovative example of sustainable housing.” Praised for its unique look, the 750-square-foot, net-zero home features a quilted exterior—fittingly compared to a giant pillow or spacesuit—where insulation is stretched around the frame rather than stuffed inside it. CHIP took two years, more than 100 students and $1 million to build. It would cost $300,000 to replicate the structure, including materials and labor.

“As a global solar manufacturer committed to building a clean energy economy, we are gratified to see Hanwha Solar’s photovoltaic technology used in such an innovative way,” said Hee Cheol Kim, president of Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. “Through cutting-edge deployments like the CHIP House, we are providing an inspiring vision for a sustainable future. Hanwha Solar is proud to accelerate the path to a clean energy future by providing reliable, high quality solar modules that are being deployed at massive commercial scale today.”

SCI-Arc / Caltech Hanwha Solar House – CHIP design:
SCI-Arc Architecture News Hanwha Solar House
image from SCI-Arc

CHIP’s progressive design was made possible through a transformative gift from Hanwha Solar—who was principal sponsor and exclusive solar module supplier for the SCI-Arc/Caltech team during the Decathlon. The house was equipped with 45 solar panels to power it through the entire duration of the competition and won first place in the Energy Balance contest. In temperate Los Angeles, CHIP’s panels generate three times more electricity than what the home uses—enough to power two electric cars along with the lighting, appliances, and heating and cooling systems.

Most notably, the solar panels power an Xbox Kinect motion-sensitive video game system that has been turned into a master command center, allowing residents to turn lights and appliances on and off simply by pointing at them. A 3-D camera also sees occupants of the house and can automatically turn lights on and off as they move from space to space. This motion-sensitive technology allows residents to interface with their home in a more fluid, intuitive way.

The exhibition of the SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar CHIP House at the California Science Center is made possible through generous support from Hanwha Solar and The Vinyl Institute. Additional sponsors of CHIP include NREL, Southern California Edison, U.S. Department of Energy, Dow Chemical, Resnick Institute, Peter Cross, Bosch, Tim and Neda Disney, among others. For more information and a video walkthrough of the house, visit

SCI-Arc Previous Exhibition

The (Secret)* Return of Noever

12 – 30 Dec
Ace Museum on La Brea

Celebrating the 25 years of Peter Noever curatorship at the MAK.

This SCI-Arc exhibition documents 25 years of Peter Noever´s curatorial adventurism as Director of the MAK (Museum Of Applied Arts) in Vienna, Austria, and founder of the MAK Center For Art And Architecture in Los Angeles.

SCI-Arc Spring 2012 Events

Spring 2012 Public Programs at SCI-Arc

Award-winning Architects, Designers, Artists Featured in Lectures and Exhibitions
Admission to SCI-Arc events is always free

Los Angeles, CA (November 28, 2011) ¬– The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce its Spring 2012 schedule of public lectures, discussions and exhibitions. As SCI-Arc gears up for its 40th anniversary, our still young school is renewing its commitment to educate architects who will imagine and shape the future through assembling an unprecedented roster of award-winning architects, urban historians, writers, designers and artists to be hosted at SCI-Arc throughout 2012, for programs that span from innovative theory to contemporary art to technical practice. Events and exhibitions at SCI-Arc are always free to the public.

The spring 2012 schedule features:

18 Jan Cliff Garten
25 Jan Michel Rojkind
1 Feb Sylvia Lavin
8 Feb John Enright
10 Feb Exhibition discussion with Ramiro Diaz Granados and Eric Owen Moss
15 Feb Juan Herreros
22 Feb Peter Trummer
29 Feb Ricardo de Ostos
7 Mar Phillippe Rahm
14 Mar Thom Mayne delivers the 2012 Raimund Abraham Lecture
21 Mar Anthony Vidler
28 Mar Nicholas de Monchaux
4 Apr Alex McDowell
6 Apr Exhibition discussion with Peter Cook and Eric Owen Moss
20 Apr 2012 Spring Show & Undergraduate Thesis

SCI-Arc News

Hanwha Solar of China Becomes Lead Sponsor of the SCI-Arc/Caltech Team for Solar Decathlon 2011

SCI-Arc Secured this Transformative Gift for the SCI-Arc/Caltech Solar Decathlon Project

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 12, 2011)—The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) announced today that China-based Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. (Hanwha Solar) made a $350,000 cash gift to the SCI-Arc/Caltech entry to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (U.S. DOE) 2011 Solar Decathlon. This is one of the largest cash sponsorships ever received by a U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon team and the largest corporate sponsorship ever received by SCI-Arc. Hanwha Solar also is providing the solar modules needed to power the SCI-Arc/Caltech team solar home, which is now called the SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar CHIP House.

The U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon is an award-winning juried competition that invites university-led teams to design, build and operate solar powered houses that are affordable, energy efficient, and well designed. “The Decathlon examines new housing typologies, alternative energy sources, and re-imagined technical and material possibilities,” stated SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss. “The subject matter is international, so it’s essential that the global discussion has global financial support. SCI-Arc welcomes the interest, commitment, and financial support of Hanwha Solar,” added Moss.

The SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar CHIP House was built on the SCI-Arc Campus in Los Angeles and shipped on five large trucks to Washington D.C., where it will be re-assembled in the weeks preceding the Decathlon competition. The house will be on display on the National Mall from September 23 to October 2, 2011, along with 18 other solar-powered houses designed by student teams from around the world. Every house in the competition is required to be net-zero—that is, to use only as much energy as its solar panels can generate.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Hanwha Solar on this important solar project that opens the door to a sustainable future,” noted Harry Atwater, Director of Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute and Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science.

“We are excited about the partnership between the SCI-Arc/Caltech team and Hanwha Solar,” noted the team’s Project Manager Elisabeth Neigert. “Their generous contribution as our primary sponsor has been transformative to the team in allowing us to complete the project as envisioned.”

Additional sponsors of the SCI-Arc/Caltech team include NREL, Southern California Edison, U.S. Department of Energy, Dow Chemical, Resnick Institute, Peter Cross, Bosch, The Vinyl Institute, Tim and Neda Disney, among others. For more information, visit

The SCI-Arc/Caltech Solar Decathlon team is the first from Southern California selected for the competition, which is held every other year.

Take a VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of the SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar House:

About Hanwha Group/Hanwha Solar

Traded on the NASDAQ (HSOL) and serving the world’s key solar markets, Hanwha Group’s Hanwha Solar is a leading global provider of solar products. The company’s products and services extend to utility, commercial, government, and residential solar applications. Hanwha SolarOne’s North American Headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, CA.

About SCI-Arc

Ranked second in design and computer applications in the 2011 America’s Best Architecture Schools survey from Design Intelligence, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is an independent, accredited degree-granting institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture and new design technologies.

About Caltech

Founded in 1981, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private research university located in Pasadena, California, ranked as one of the best engineering schools internationally. Academic home of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech is blazing forward into future in the fields of science and engineering.

SCI-Arc Gallery Odile Decq Benoît Cornette Exhibition

Odile Decq Benoît Cornette Architectes-Urbanistes at SCI-Arc

14 Oct – 4 Dec 2011

Friday, October 14, 7-9pm: Exhibition discussion with Odile Decq and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss, followed by an opening reception in the SCI-Arc Gallery

Los Angeles, CA (September 7, 2011)—The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce the exhibition Anisotropy/Anisotropie by Paris-based architecture firm Odile Decq Benoît Cornette, on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery from October 14 through December 4, 2011. Constructed of mirror-clad walls that create a series of unique geometric spaces, the installation invites visitors to make their way through these spaces while experiencing a constant play of reflection and illusions.

Decq’s exhibition aims to induce a sensory experience, both vivid and discomforting, one that pulls the human mind in various directions simultaneously. The primary geometry of each space is the triangle, but by inclining the walls at different angles, the architect forces visitors to perceive the space as something different. Furthermore, due to the reflective quality of the walls, as visitors move through the space, they experience each of its sections as being infinite. Each is dis-functional—as to alter and obscure the perception we construct of the space—and each places the mind in a constant state of disorientation: first in time, then in place, and finally in person.

The sense of space is the basis of all social experience and of perceptual experience in general. Normally, the perception of space is forged through the analysis of sensory information gathered from our surroundings—our position, orientation, proximity, and other such relationships between us and the objects and people surrounding us. Anisotropy/Anisotropie questions the way we move through space and challenges the mental perception we elaborate by means of altering our magnetic anisotropic properties.

SCI-Arc Gallery Fall 2011 Lectures

Fall 2011 Public Programs at SCI-Arc

Featured Lectures and Exhibitions

Admission to events is always free

41 Cooper Square by Thom Mayne / Morphosis
41 Cooper Square SCI-Arc Architecture News
image from Morphosis

Los Angeles, CA (July 27, 2011) ¬– The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce its Fall 2011 schedule of public lectures, discussions and exhibitions. The school welcomes award-winning architects, urban historians, writers, designers, and artists for programs that span from innovative theory to contemporary art to technical practice. Events and exhibitions at SCI-Arc are always free to the public.

SCI-Arc Architecture Events fall schedule

11 Thom Mayne Commencement Address at the 2011 SCI-Arc Graduation Ceremony
19 Exhibition discussion with 2011 Selected Thesis winners and Eric Owen Moss
21 Philip Beesley
28 Jesse Reiser

5 Zvi Hecker
12 Odile Decq
14 Exhibition discussion with Odile Decq and Eric Owen Moss
19 Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas
26 Markus Miessen
28 Exhibition discussion with the SCI-Arc/Caltech Solar Decathlon Team and Eric Owen Moss

2 Jose Oubrerie
9 Mark Foster Gage
16 Xu Weiguo
30 John Southern

SCI-Arc Gallery Lecture
Merce Cunningham, Choreography & Collaborative Technology

Thursday, July 21, 7-9pm

SCI-Arc, W.M. Keck Lecture Hall

Holley Farmer, principal dancer at the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in New York comes to SCI-Arc to discuss the intersection of movement, space and technology. Immediately following the lecture will be a robotic movement demonstration in the SCI-Arc Robot House.

SCI-Arc Gallery Exhibition

Jason Payne/Hirsuta ‘Rawhide: The New Shingle Style’

29 Jul – 11 Sep 2011

Friday, July 29, 7-9pm
Exhibition discussion with Jason Payne and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss, followed by an opening reception in the SCI-Arc Gallery Los Angeles, CA (June 15, 2011) – The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce the exhibition Rawhide by Los Angeles-based architect and SCI-Arc alumnus Jason Payne (B.Arch ‘94), on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery from July 29 through September 11, 2011.

Rawhide explores Payne’s critically-acclaimed project Raspberry Fields, a residential project sited in northern Utah, focusing on its signature use of curled shingles as exterior cladding. For the SCI-Arc Gallery, Payne and his boutique architectural practice Hirsuta explore the architectural surface, from “skin” to “hide,” in a full-scale reconstruction of part of the roof of Raspberry Fields, which forms the central piece of the gallery exhibition.

SCI Arc Gallery Rawhide Jason Payne Hirsuta
photo from SCI-Arc

The satisfying abundance of the raw hide forms the core thematic of the gallery exhibition, displayed by laying bare the shingle-clad roof of Raspberry Fields at 1:1 scale. Imagine a bearskin rug the size of a building and you’ll get the idea. The exhibition begins with the unfolding of the project’s exterior blanket according to its primary underlying geometries, followed by its reconfiguration in the SCI-Arc Gallery. In addition, given the rural context of the original project and the conceptual connection sought between cladding and animal hides, the roof is surrounded by real cowhides refigured as abstract bodies.

The “curly shingles” that so delight the fans of Raspberry Fields take center stage in this exhibition. While in the original project curling is achieved naturally through weathering—a process that would take years—here the compression of decades-long stochastic deformation is achieved through steam-curling to stimulate the effects of decades-long freeze-thaw dynamics of the harsh northern Utah climate. When applied to the prostrate form of the relaxed roofscape of Raspberry Fields, the lush coat of cedar shingles take on the quality of an animal hide par excellence, moving architectural cladding toward something more wild and feral… the becoming animal of architecture.

About Jason Payne and Hirsuta

Jason Payne is Principal of Hirsuta LLC, a boutique architectural practice located in Los Angeles, California. Hirsuta pursues both built and speculative projects with a commitment to the synthesis of research and practice. The office is a full service architectural, interior, landscape, and object design firm specializing in advanced form and the integration of emerging technologies in construction.

A leading designer of his generation, Payne is credited as being a major influence in pushing digital design and fabrication away from undue focus on technique and process toward the explicit celebration of product, experience, affect and atmosphere. Payne is also known in the context of a group of Los Angeles designers committed to fabrication and construction, continuing the city’s longstanding tradition of realized experimentation.

Public Programs

Currently on view through July 29 in the SCI-Arc Library Gallery is the You Are So Beautiful and I Am a Fool still-life painting exhibition by artist and SCI-Arc public programs coordinator Wendy Heldmann.

SCI-Arc Digital Lecture Archive

SCI-Arc Awarded Getty Foundation, NEA Grants to Create Comprehensive Digital Lecture Archive

Online Platform Will Feature More Than 1,000 Hours of Key Architectural Lectures and Public Symposia, From 1974 to Present

LOS ANGELES, CA—May 18, 2011 – The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) today announced it has received two major grants that will be used to create the SCI-Arc Digital Lecture Archive. This free web archive will contain more than 1,000 hours of key architectural and design lectures and symposia from 1974 to the present that will be accessible online, via phone applications, e-readers, and other new media channels.

A transformative $200,000 grant from The Getty Foundation and a significant $70,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts—their largest award this year in the Design category—will be used by SCI-Arc to digitize, transcribe, curate and present lectures by some of the most important architects, designers, and theorists who have guest lectured at the school during the past four decades, to form one of the most complete architectural archival collections of its kind in the world.

“SCI-Arc’s lecture archive is unique and impressive,” said SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss. “Its contents illustrate how for 40 years the school has continued to assemble this record of the most outspoken avant-garde architects from around the world. The record of lectures is especially useful going forward, suggesting what might be coming next, and, reciprocally, going backward to test whether what was claimed by the speakers was subsequently delivered.”

The SCI-Arc Digital Lecture Archive will provide access to never before seen footage of some of the most influential leaders in architecture and design, including Frank O. Gehry, Zaha Hadid, David Hockney, Rem Koolhaas, John Lautner, Thom Mayne, Eric Owen Moss, Kazuyo Sejima, and many more. Among those in the archive are 12 winners of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize—the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the field of architecture. Many of these architects and artists appear more than once, providing opportunities for analysis of their development over a long span of their careers. Documentation critical to understanding the architectural history and legacy of Southern California, and Los Angeles’ role as an incubator of innovation, is particularly strong in this collection.

Scheduled to be launched in 2012—coinciding with SCI-Arc’s 40th anniversary—the SCI-Arc Digital Lecture Archive will feature a sophisticated search engine that will allow access to both entire lectures as well as specific segments of each lecture, placing the school’s significant archive at one’s fingertips. Targeting a global audience of students, professionals, researchers, historians, and members of the general public with an interest in architecture and design, this online platform will provide deep, customized access to the archive, through sub-clips searchable by specific topic and speaker.

SCI-Arc’s lecture archive was started in 1974, when students began taping lectures by distinguished practitioners and scholars spanning the fields of architecture, urban design, city planning, and other arts-related environments. Now standard practice at educational and cultural institutions, videotaping lectures was uncommon in the mid-1970s. Lecturers responded to SCI-Arc’s culture of creative engagement, by speaking candidly about their work.

In addition to featuring talks by some of the most radical architectural and design innovators of our time, the collection reflects SCI-Arc’s interdisciplinary approach by including lectures by major figures in other disciplines such as art (Chris Burden, David Hockney, Robert Irwin, Alexis Smith, Diana Thater, James Turrell), film (Godfrey Reggio), critical thinking (Reyner Banham, Beatriz Colomina, Manuel Delanda, Jeffrey Kipnis, Sanford Kwinter) and graphic design (2×4, April Greiman, Michael Worthington).

SCI-Arc Undergraduate Thesis & Spring Show

SCI-Arc architecture news – Undergraduate Thesis & Spring Show

Apr 22 – May 15

Reception features a special event, ¡Disco Callado!, hosted by Barbara Bestor Architecture in the SCI-Arc Gallery, in conjunction with the “Silent Disco” exhibition.

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to present its annual Undergraduate Thesis & Spring Show beginning with an all-day event on April 22.


SCI-Arc undergraduate thesis presentations and reviews will take place on Friday, April 22, from 10am to 7pm throughout the school. Thesis projects on review represent a culmination of five years of study and coursework leading toward the B.Arch degree. Panel reviewers include guest architects and theorists such as Peter Cook, Jeffrey Kipnis, Thom Mayne, Neil Denari, Hitoshi Abe and Jason Payne, as well as SCI-Arc directors and faculty members Eric Owen Moss, Hsinming Fung, Hernan Diaz-Alonso, John Enright, among others.

Thom Mayne:
Thom Mayne SCI-Arc Architecture News
photo : Richard Schulman


SCI-Arc’s sixth annual Spring Show follows the Undergraduate Thesis and features student work from all school programs with a public reception from 7 to 9 pm. Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate design studio projects, as well coursework from the Applied, Cultural and Visual Studies seminars, will be exhibited school-wide and will remain on view for the public through May 15, 2011.

SCI-Arc Spring Show:
SCI-Arc Spring Show
photo from SCI-Arc

This year, the Spring Show opening reception is complemented by a special event, ¡Disco Callado!, hosted by Barbara Bestor Architecture in conjunction with the “Silent Disco” installation on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery.

A video presenting last year’s Spring Show event is available at

SCI-Arc architecture news – Spring 2011 Public Lectures and Exhibitions
The SCI-Arc spring schedule features:

19 Jan: Jorge Francisco Liernur
26 Jan: Christian Moeller
2 Feb: Hernan Diaz Alonso
9 Feb: Benedetta Tagliabue
16 Feb: Paolo Cascone
18 Feb: Exhibition discussion with Patrick Tighe and Eric Owen Moss
23 Feb: Polytopes: The Architecture of Soundscapes
2 Mar: First Annual Raimund Abraham Memorial Lecture by Steven Holl
16 Mar: Exhibition discussion with Audience of Objects exhibitors (see ‘Exhibitions’ section below)
23 Mar: Michael Rotondi
25-26 Mar: Material beyond Materials: Composite Tectonics Conference on Advanced Materials and Digital Manufacturing
30 Mar: Jesse Reiser
5 Apr: Sanford Kwinter
6 Apr: François Roche
8 Apr: Exhibition discussion with Barbara Bestor and Eric Owen Moss

SCI-Arc Lectures
Lectures are free and open to the public in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall and are broadcast live on

SCI-Arc architecture news – Exhibitions in 2011
22 Apr – 15 May 2011 at SCI-Arc
Undergraduate Thesis Presentations & 4th Annual Spring Show

SCI-Arc Spring Show

An exhibition of select undergraduate thesis projects—a culmination of five years of study and coursework leading toward the B.Arch degree—as well as exceptional undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate design studio projects will be on view to the public throughout the school. Outstanding student work from applied, cultural and visual studies classes will also be on view as part of the Spring Show exhibition.

SCI-Arc – Fall 2010 Public Lectures and Exhibitions
Los Angeles, CA (August 18, 2010) – The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce the Fall 2010 schedule of public programs and exhibitions, which welcomes award-winning architects and urban historians for programs that span from innovative theory to furniture design to technical practice. Programs and exhibitions at SCI-Arc are always free to the public.

The fall schedule features lectures by internationally renowned practicing architects Patrik Schumacher, Bernard Tschumi, Zvi Hecker, and Hans Hollein. In addition, SCI-Arc presents exhibitions by faculty member Coy Howard (opening October 8) in the SCI-Arc Gallery and Jakob + MacFarlane (opening November 3) in the Library Gallery, and a symposium (on September 15) to include Sir Peter Cook, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Frank Gehry, Greg Lynn, Thom Mayne, and Eric Owen Moss, moderated by Yael Reisner.


19 Nov 2010 – 9 Jan 2011

SCI-Arc Gallery exhibition – Coy Howard: Part I – From Hand to Mouse, From Furniture to Architecture and Part II – Whispers and Echoes

3 Nov – 12 Dec 2010

Library Gallery exhibition: Jakob + MacFarlane: About

Two exhibitions at the CAArt: PublicWorks, Creative Artists Agency, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

5 Nov 2010 – 25 Feb 2011
Alexis Rochas: Before Form

5 Nov 2010 – 28 Jan 2011
Brendan MacFarlane, Yaohua Wang, and Joanna-Maria Helinurm: For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await ANOTHER VOICE, with apologies to T S Eliot


SCI-Arc is open to the public daily from 10am – 6pm.

8 Oct – 7 Nov 2010 & 19 Nov – 9 Jan 2011
SCI-Arc Gallery exhibition

Coy Howard: Part I – From Hand to Mouse, From Furniture to Architecture and Part II – Whispers and Echoes

Part 1. From Hand to Mouse, From Furniture to Architecture
A selection of images by SCI-Arc faculty member and architect Coy Howard will be on display at the Los Angeles Harbor College Fine Arts Gallery. Dubbed From Hand to Mouse/From Furniture to Architecture, Howard’s exhibition includes 30 images of three speculative architectural projects and a collection of furniture designs.

Part II: Whispers and Echoes
An installation of shrouded forms and enigmatic writings explores some perennial issues of architectural experience. A series of low platforms on the floor will support forms partially covered with fabric constructions. On one wall will be a series of framed images and a selection of Howard’s definitions of architecture and writings.

3 Nov – 12 Dec 2010

Library Gallery exhibition

Jakob + MacFarlane: About

November 3, 7pm: Public lecture in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall by Brendan MacFarlane (B.Arch ’84), followed by an opening reception for the exhibition in the Library Gallery

Jakob + MacFarlane is an architectural firm based in Paris. Its work explores digital technology both as a conceptual consideration and as a means of fabrication, using new materials as a possibility to create a more flexible, responsive and immediate environment.

Main projects to date include Restaurant Georges at the Pompidou Centre, Paris (2000); the reconstruction of the Théâtre L’Eclat,Pont-Audemer, France (1999–2000); the Florence Loewy – Books by Artists Bookshop in 2001; Maison H project in 2001; the Communication Center for Renault in 2004; the Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard for Contemporary Art in 2007; Docks of Paris project, which includes a fashion and design center, and three buildings for the 100 Apartments project in Paris in 2008.
Current projects include the Docks of Lyon with two buildings in Lyon, including the new EURONEWS Headquarters; the newFRAC Architecture Exhibition Center in Orléans; a Dance and Music Conservatory in Noisy-le-Sec; and the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris. Jakob + MacFarlane regularly participate in invited competitions and recently won first honorable mention of the International Taïpei Performing Arts Center Competition, Taiwan.

Their projects have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, 2003), SFMOMA (San Francisco, 2004), the Museum of Architecture (Moscow, 2000), Artists Space (New York, 2003), Carnegie Mellon (USA, 2001), the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), MOCA in Los Angeles (Skin + Bones exhibition), the Pompidou Center, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal (Paris), and at the ArchiLab International Architectural Exhibitions and Conferences (Orléans, 1999, 2001, 2003), and a personal exhibition at the FRAC of Orléans in 2005. Jakob + MacFarlane were among the architects selected by France for the 2002 Venice Architecture Biennale, and in the International 2004 as well as 2008 selection.


Two exhibitions from SCI-Arc will be on view at the CAArt: PublicWorks, Creative Artists Agency, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

5 Nov 2010 – 25 Feb 2011
Alexis Rochas: Before Form

Beyond Form open to the public daily
For last year’s words… open by appointment

More SCI-Arc architecture news online below:


Lectures are free and begin at 7pm in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall, except where noted, and are broadcast live on

Hans Hollein: Alles ist Architektur (Everything is Architecture)

Architect, Vienna

1 Dec
W. M. Keck Lecture Hall
SBF Tower building Shenzhen
image from architect

Hilary Sample: Recent Work

MOS Architects, New York

8 Dec
W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

SCI-Arc Exhibitions – Autumn 2010

September 13 in the Graduation Pavilion

Patrik Schumacher: Parametricism and the Autopoiesis of Architecture

Partner, Zaha Hadid Architects; founding director, AADRL, London

Zaha Hadid Exhibition
picture from architect

September 15 in the Graduation Pavilion

Architecture and Beauty; a Troubled Relationship

Symposium moderated by Dr. Yael Reisner, Director, Studio Yael Reisner Architecture and Design, London with:
Sir Peter Cook, Founder of Archigram; Director of CRAB; Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

Hernan Diaz Alonso, SCI-Arc Distinguished Professor; Xefirotarch, Los Angeles

Frank O. Gehry, Architect, Gehry Partners, LLP, Los Angeles

Greg Lynn, o. Univ. Prof. Arch. angewandte Wien and Studio Professor, UCLA

Thom Mayne, Design Director, Morphosis Architects, Los Angeles
Eric Owen Moss, FAIA, SCI-Arc Director; Principal and Lead Designer, Eric Owen Moss Architects, Culver City, CA

September 29 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

David Benjamin: Proof

Principal, The Living; Director, Living Architecture Lab, New York

October 6 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

Bernard Tschumi: Totally Generic

Principal, Bernard Tschumi Architects, New York/Paris; Professor, Columbia University

New Acropolis Museum Athens
photo : Christian Richters

October 13 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

Geoff Manaugh: Quadraturin and Other Architectural Expansionary Tales

BLDGBLOG, Los Angeles

October 27 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

Zvi Hecker: Memory is the Soil of Architecture

Architect, Berlin – Tel Aviv
Batumi Aquarium design
image from architect
November 3 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

Brendan MacFarlane: Walk

Principal, Jakob + MacFarlane, Paris, France
Docks de Paris
photo from architect

November 10 in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall

Marc Fornes: Guerrilla Style


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SCI-Arc Announces Fall 2009 Public Lectures and Exhibitions

SCI-Arc Architecture Lectures 2009

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), the downtown Los Angeles-based architecture school known for its progressive thinking and innovative design, is pleased to announce the fall 2009 schedule for lectures, talks and exhibitions. SCI-Arc hosts renowned architects and other practitioners in the fields of Architecture and Design from around the globe to discuss current theory and practice.

Guests include architects Toshiko Mori, Preston Scott Cohen, and Alejandro Zaera-Polo, landscape architect Laurie Olin, graphic designer April Greiman, and writer and theorist Eugene Thacker, among other notable figures. Exhibitions include deegan day design: Blow x Blow, investigating cinematic projection and architecture as installation, and Jean-Pierre Hébert: Drawings as Thoughts, conceptual digital drawings based on computer-driven language.

Location: SCI-Arc, City of Los Angeles, Southern California, USA

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About SCI-Arc

SCI-Arc, an independent, accredited degree-granting institution, offers undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture. An educational laboratory, SCI-Arc tests the limits of architecture in order to transform existing conditions into the designs for the future. With its location in a quarter-mile-long former freight depot in the intensely urban Artist District in Downtown Los Angeles, SCI-Arc provides a uniquely inspiring environment in which to study architecture.

It is distinguished by the vibrant atmosphere of its studios, where some 500 students and 80 faculty memberspracticing architectstesting new ideas through making. The institution offers weekly lectures and ongoing exhibitions, which are free and open to the public.

SCI-Arc Lectures are broadcast live on the internet at

Parking: The entrance to SCI-Arc’s parking lot is at 350 Merrick Street, Los Angeles 90013, between Traction Avenue and 4th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

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