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What district in London gives architecture students the most inspiration?

Historical Landmarks in the British Capital – Building in England, UK

20 Oct 2018

There are few places in Western Europe with the kind of various architectural landscape one finds in London. There, aspiring architectural students will find a treasure trove of historical landmarks with more than a few modern structures to add contrast to the landscape.

Today, we would like to present a guided tour of some of the many examples of London’s best buildings and attractions. There is much to be learned from both the old and the new, and we will be looking at both along the way.

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What district in London gives architecture students the best inspiration?

Historical Structures

Some of the most impressive structures in and around the city proper are those that have stood the test of time. Let’s look at several of London’s time-honored landmarks.

#1: Westminster Abbey

The present structure of the Abbey dates back to the reign of King Henry III, but its history begins much earlier. The original structure (around which all additions and updates have been built) was founded and dedicated in the year 1065 by King Edward the Confessor. It is one of many examples of classic gothic architecture one can find throughout the city.

If you, as a student, have been given the task of describing this style of architecture, turn your attention to Westminster Abbey as a noble example. Since a lot of work was written on this topic, it is often difficult for a student to approach this task creatively, in this case, you can turn to online writing services for finishing touches. Even more interesting information about its history and engineering can be found on the architecture page of Abbey’s official website.

#2: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Situated at the top of Ludgate Hill, the cathedral is believed to be set at London’s highest point. Its iconic spires are among the most recognizable works of classic English architecture that includes elements of Neoclassical, Baroque, and Gothic designs.

#3: The Houses of Parliament

Parliament is home to not only some of the most impressive feats of architectural engineering within the city, but it is also home to more than a millennium of rich history. It stretches it way sinuously around the corners of Westminster and is also back to the world-famous Big Ben. The best view of Parliament can be had from the bank of the Thames river, according to locals and tourists alike.

Modern Structures

#1: The National Theatre

Situated on the South Bank, The National Theatre is among the city’s London’s most admired Brutalist structures. Its original design was the work of architects Peter Softley and Sir Denys Landun. It was built in three stages, with the first phase of construction beginning in the 1970s. A collection of exciting foyers and terraces surrounds four auditoriums that are regularly used for entertaining citizens and tourists with complex pieces of experimental theatre. More about the architecture and the history of the National Theater can be found on the venue’s official website.

#2: Barbican Centre

Another contemporary Brutalist achievement, The Barbican is the largest center for the arts in all of Western Europe and is the current home of the London Symphony Orchestra. It is made up of the main concert hall, three cinemas, two theaters, a library, two art galleries, two trade exhibition halls, five conference rooms, various foyers, a collection of shops, and its conservatory. More information on the architecture of Barbican Centre can be found here.

#3: The Shard

Even though it isn’t even a decade old, The Shard has already made its mark as one of London’s most recognized skyscrapers. Designed by Renzo Piano, takes its inspiration from the railway lines of London. It is a towering 95-story building with a luxury hotel and a host of restaurants. The viewing area offers views of the city that are virtually unmatched. Learn more about its history and architecture here.

A World of Architectural Marvel

Clearly, the six sites above represent just a tiny percentage of the history and wonder of English architecture. The story of London’s rich history and love for progress and modern engineering is told in every street and neighborhood. We encourage you to look even more in-depth at the resources listed above and be inspired by all the architectural wonders the city has to offer.

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