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Top Shop Oxford Circus

Contemporary Retail Outlet on Regent Street London – design by atmos, architects

23 Dec 2014

Top Shop Oxford Circus Store

Location: Regent Street / Oxford Street, central London, England, UK

Design: atmos

Top Shop at Oxford Circus

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photo courtesy of architects

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photo courtesy of architects

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photo courtesy of architects

Regent Street has over 1.2million visitors a week. Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in Europe, with over a million visitors over some weekends.


At its peak, 11 people flow through Oxford Circus every second – 40,000 an hour, or more than 80 million a year – more than the population of the UK. Top Shop Oxford Circus alone attracts 30,000 people a day – a daily deluge of people.


The architects have invited this river of humanity to carve a new pattern through the great Portland stone of its host building, etching deep sinuous canyons overflowing with the finest and freshest fashions.


The window plinths melt into molten shapes that ooze onto the pavement, and flow into furniture, arraying into long benches that invite the visitor to rest amidst the restlessness.


The serried seats create a rare central space to host events for London Fashion Week – an invitation to the public that define these streets.


Their tips tail into steps that lift the visitor into the window, to mingle with the mannequins and play model for a moment. Fluid carved walls articulate the space, like icebergs carved by nature, lush clothing rails ducking and diving through their ravines.
(01:08 – 01.34)

Top Shop Oxford Circus images / information from atmos

Address: 214 Oxford Street, Oxford Circus, West End, Greater London, W1W 8LG, United Kingdom
Phone: 08448 487487

Opening Hours
Monday 09:00-21:00
Tuesday 09:00-21:00
Wednesday 09:00-22:00
Thursday 09:00-22:00
Friday 09:00-22:00
Saturday 09:00-21:00
Sunday 11:30-18:00
Correct at time of writing, 2014, please check with retailer

Location:214 Oxford Street, Oxford Circus, West End, Greater London, W1W 8LG, England, UK

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