Ristorante Agli Amici 1887, Udine Restaurant, Italian Interior Architecture, Commercial Architecture Images

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 in Udine

6 Feb 2023

Design: Visual Display (interior, identity, stories)

Location: Udine, north east Italy

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Udine Italy

Photos: Alessandro Paderni / Eye Studio

Restaurant Agli Amici 1887, Italy

The new welcome room of the Restaurant Agli Amici 1887 – Visual Display designs the new entrance of the two Michelin stars, an innovative space that surrounds the customer in the philosophy of the Scarello house.

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Italy Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Udine Italy

A room overlooking the town square, that’s totally redesigned by the creative studio Visual Display (interior, identity, stories) to transform the previous tavern into the new entrance of the 2 Michelin stars restaurant “Agli Amici 1887” in Udine.

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Udine Italy

The space turns into a place to enjoy a welcome aperitif, fully becoming part of the proposed gastronomic experience, indeed anticipating it. The concept was therefore born with the idea of making this space – which is in fact the customer’s first approach to the kitchen and the philosophy of chef Emanuele Scarello – a place suspended in time, silent, surprising, and representative of the very essence of the restaurant.

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Udine Italy Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Italy

After passing the entrance curtain, you find yourself inside a precious box where architecture, furnishings, and fabrics are all immersed in a warm shade of blue illuminated by the presence of a large light installation inspired by the world of contemporary art which allows the space to change the atmosphere thanks to colored light.

The counter area, covered with a special hand-applied metallic finishing, becomes a stage where the chefs prepare their “magic” under the watchful eyes of the spectators, immersed in comfortable welcoming armchairs (Ruff, armchair by Moroso).

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Italy Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Italy

At the center of the space, the geometric volume made up of two separable elements on wheels serves as a counter for preparing cocktails directly at the table.

On the ceiling, the sound-absorbing paneling setting serves to create a muffled atmosphere while hiding the light points that sculpt the space with bright accents only where necessary.

Two large windows open onto the wonderful internal courtyard of the restaurant in total fusion with the natural element so dear to the owners.

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 in Udine, Italy – Building Information

Interior design project by: Visual Display S.r.l. (interior, identity, stories) – https://www.visualdisplay.it/en
Visual Display is a creative company specializing in space branding and interior design for retail, hospitality, bar & restaurant, exhibition, and workplace. With some special interior projects dedicated to private homes or villas. The mission of Visual Display is not only to design beautiful interiors but places where people feel good and fully enjoy the space that surrounds them.

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887: 252, Liguria Street, 33100 Udine UD, Italy – https://www.agliamici.it/

Ristorante Agli Amici 1887 Udine Italy

Photographer: Alessandro Paderni / Eye Studio

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Location: Udine, Italy, southern Europe

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