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The Norman Hotel Tel Aviv

Israeli Accommodation Development design by Moshe Cerner ; refurbished by Yoav Messer Architects

17 Nov 2016

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

Design: architect Moshe Cerner ; refurbishment by Yoav Messer Architects Ltd.

Location: Nahmani Street 23-25, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv – Construction & Preservation

The Norman Hotel is located at the heart of Tel Aviv, in two preserved 1925 residential buildings.

Norman Hotel – 23 Nachmani Street

This is a corner structure with great size and beautiful proportions. It was originally designed for the Friedman family by architect Moshe Cerner in the eclectic style popular in the 1920s. Over the years only minimal changes were done on the building, which housed many illustrious residents and often served as a film location.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

The building matches the eclectic perspective while trying to create a geometric rhythm through the horizontal and vertical planes and the design of the rooms as an on-going series, with an emphasis on the building facades. The corner of the building gets a special emphasis through a corner balcony that accompanies the round corner line.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

The foundation level is about a meter (three feet) higher than the street level, the windows there received a different treatment than those on the other floors by having them arched instead of squared.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

Since its acquisition in 2005, architect Yoav Messer led the building’s reconstruction, preservation, and overall design, including historical documentation of the building detailing the special preservation required by law and meticulous attention to details.

Beginning in 2007, construction included preservation of all of the building’s original features. Fine detailing included windows imported from East Europe, tiles from East Asia and artisan carpentry. A basement was added under both the building and the courtyard. Columns replaced walls in the building’s superstructure, and all the foundations and exteriors were likewise replaced. An entire new floor was added, emphasized with electric blinds and wooden exteriors allowing the building’s facades to be completely open.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

The building was designed to hold large residential suites with state-of-the-art technological systems. Each unit has a view of the roundabout or the sea, balconies, and an elaborate finish. Restored historical murals pave the entrance, and the courtyard is a restored orchard.

The project spanned over six years. Once completed, the building will regain its former glory and vitality.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

25 Nachmani

Designed by Leo Adler and then Cherner, it was originally constructed as a residential building for the Romanov family in 1925. Its modern style – a square with rectangular windows, shading and other features was considered innovative and groundbreaking, as also its position on a platform away from the street. A modern villa for the Romanov family was added nearby.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

Over the years the house became known as ‘the falling house’ due to the cornices – an element which was unique at the time in Tel Aviv as well as the unconventional use (for the time) of roll up blinds in all the windows based on the principle of adaptation to the local winds and climate.

The building represents an attempt to link to the local heritage and to the east, as evident through the embellished tiles across the apartment floors and in the staircases as well as an eclectic gate which does not fit the overall style of the building. The style was considered unusual at the time, threading both classical and modern while the diagonal cornices associated it with the art deco style. The basic perspective is one of classical symmetry with early buds of modern thinking which developed during the 1920s.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

The overall architectural concept emphasized each new addition with glass and steel, creating a unique glass box at the rear of the building that rises and blends with the new roof floor. The thematic link between the 23 and 25 Nachmani buildings is achieved with wooden paneling and decks, and similar façade lighting.

A six-floor atrium with a glass ceiling is set in the center of the building and serves as a buffer between the old and the new, as well as a link to the adjacent villa. Hotel Guests can experience a unique blend of styles as they pass through the old section leading to the elevator, which is located in the atrium and reveals the building’s interior and the mix of eras.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

Special emphasis was placed on preservation of the facades, the ceilings and specialty window restoration involving zinc borders and led lighting. The building’s outer glass encasement was constructed from custom ordered British steel. An infinity roof pool overlooks the skyline.

Yoav Messer Architects was the Israeli interior design firm, with London-based design firm SAGRADA in charge of the interiors. Work included preservation of original flooring, murals, artisan work on parquet floors, master carpentry, embossed ceilings, special textiles and more. Furniture and special design items were from all over the world.

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv

The Norman Hotel Tel Aviv – Building Information

The Design Team – Yoav Messer Architects:
Iftah Hayner lead architect, Tidhar Becker Architect, Avital Shenhav Architect, Suzan Sherban Architect, Noa Levi Interior design, Tamar Berger Architect.
Interior design – Sagrada London, Nachmani 23 in collaboration with SM Design – Paris.
Preservation: Nachmani 23 – Yoav Messer Architects, Nachmani 25 – Nitza Szmuck
Client: King Albert LTD

The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv images / information from Yoav Messer Architects

Phone: +972 3-543-5555

Location: Nahmani St 23-25, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6579441, Israel, Middle East

Location: Israel, Middle East

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