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New Generation Centre, Zanka, Hungary

Hungarian Commercial Development design by Modum Építésziroda KFT

4 Apr 2013

New Generation Headquarters in Zanka

Design: Modum Építésziroda KFT

Location: Zanka, western Hungary (north shore of Lake Balaton)

Headquarters Building in Zanka

The main building of Zanka’s New Generation Headquarters was originally built in the 1970s. The net floor area is 3101,23 m2.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building
photos : Tamas Bujnovszky

Its 7-storey high tower represents a Modernist approach and was built in the Internationalist style typical of the period. Its simple, limestone-covered cube was a dominant item of the seasonally changing region of Balaton-Highlands.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building

To its perpendicular block, a long stretch of tart-building connects on the ground floor, which includes the service facilities, offices and the main entrance.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building

The building has become worthy of renovating both its exterior and interior during the past forty years, which was justified from the perspective of demands resulting from its changing functions.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building

The building has grown with such new fashion that it has preserved its original modern style in details, yet it has also humanized the building as organic installment. This architectural behavior manages value as it is, and it can handle the original building in the way that the building becomes more dynamic, humane and lively with its new context.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building

All rooms, office premises, service blocks and spaces have been renewed according to quality standards. The most spectacular intervention has been manifested by the new architectural appearance in the ground floor tart-building, where the building is expanded by a representative upstairs conference room according to functional demands, which, as an architectural gesture, was designed with a turning upwards roof symbolizing the waves of Lake Balaton. The arched supporting beams recall the ambient aquatic world referring to the context of the region.

New Generation Centre Hungary Building

The long protuberant cantilever marquee shields the southern façade against high temperature, and provides homely interior atmosphere for the new computer rooms, offices and service facilities. The colored glass panels of the façade recall the atmosphere of the glittering water surface, making the over one-hundred-meter glass wall’s monotony into a cheerful sight.

New Generation Centre images / information received from Modum Építésziroda KFT

Location: Zanka, Hungary, Central Eastern Europe

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