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Voorzieningencluster Westergouwe in Gouda Building Design

15 December 2021

BDP Brings Healthy Living And Learning To Gouda

Location: Gouda, South Holland, The Netherlands

Architects: BDP

Gouda Voorzieningencluster Westergouwe Netherlands

Westergouwe Community Centre Gouda Building News

BDP and its partner, Marseille Buiten have been appointed to design the Westergouwe Community Centre – a mixed use development consisting of a primary school, amenities, sports and affordable housing in Gouda, Netherlands.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Gouda, Stichting Klasse, De Groeiling, De Vier Windstreken, Quadrant Kindercentra and Woonpartners Midden-Holland, BDP will further develop its vision for the new building and the surrounding landscape to create a thriving community-focused place for learning and living.

The Westergouwe Community Centre will provide one of the largest child centres in the Netherlands including a primary school for 1,200 children with additional daycare services. The development will also provide a modern sports hall, community program and 40 affordable apartments.

Voorzieningencluster Westergouwe Gouda building by BDP

A landscape-first approach will create an sprawling embankment park which flows around the development and includes a mix of adventure islands, play areas, green schoolyards, recreation zones, an ASM sports field and space for healthy exercise.

Björn Bleumink, architect director at BDP, explains: “We have created a place where active learning and living is at the heart of the design and where nature plays a big role in both.

“The scale of the project is magnificent. There is direct contact with the natural environment on all sides and the creation of four smaller “houses” designed around a central heart space within the building forms a safe place within which children can play, explore and discover the world. Each “house” provides an opportunity to formulate an original, educational space like a children’s cooking area, a shop or a creative corner. It will be a wonderful mix of places where children can learn and grow.”

Voorzieningencluster Westergouwe Gouda building design by BDP

The sports halls and amenities are also situated around the central heart. Here young and old can meet in an informal manner. In this way, the building plays a connecting role in the social structure and wellbeing of the new neighbourhood.

Nature-inclusive design and the creation of green views invites children, residents and passers-by to discover natural beauty, wildlife and habitats whilst providing space for healthy activity throughout the day. The spaces enable social interaction and provide a perfect setting for the community to meet for a barbecue, for a picnic on the waterfront or an evening stroll.

Construction is due to commence in June 2023.


Voorzieningencluster Westergouwe Gouda Building images / information from Building Design Partnership (BDP), London, UK

Address: Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands

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