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Hamburg: Romance of the German North Guide

20 Apr 2021

Although people think of Germany as a place of hard work and celebrations, it’s often overlooked when it comes to the topic of romance. That honor is typically bestowed upon neighboring France. However, a quick look at Hamburg demonstrates that the city has many beautiful, romantic places, and it is time that people learn to value this gem of the north.

Hamburg Romantic Visit Guide

Schwanenwikbrücke. Unique atmosphere

Schwanenwikbrücke Hamburg: Romance of the German North

The Schwanenwikbrücke is a highly romantic location in Hamburg that spans the Wandse on one bank and the Outer Alster on the other bank. The bridge is special because it allows people to walk across and get a good look at the waters while having a semi-private place to talk.

This area is most well-known because couples will cross the bridge together and then place a lock on the wrought iron sides of the bridge to symbolize their love. The practice has become very popular on this bridge and several others, even though it is officially discouraged. The bridge has been the site of many marriage proposals and words of love, so it has a unique atmosphere that makes everyone who visits with a partner want to hold their hand a bit tighter as they cross the bridge.

Landungsbrücken. The best place for a romantic walk

Landungsbrücken Hamburg: Romance of the German North

In Hamburg, romance begins in the heart of the city near the City Hall: here is the large, picturesque Lake Alster. It’s great to invite one of the local singles for a walk around the neighborhood. In summer, a romance website steamylocals recommends trying to walk around it in its entirety with your date. It’s about an hour and a half or two hours of walking away from cars with a delightful view of the lake, with sailboats sailing on it. Those who have a romantic view of the water and architecture can take a look at the beautiful Landungsbrücken building featuring its beautiful clock tower. The series of piers are not always open to the public, but they make for a lovely place to sit and contemplate your relationship with your romantic partner.

Speicherstadt – City of warehouses

Speicherstadt Hamburg: Romance of the German North

The name of this area translates to “city of warehouses,” and that could not be a more apt name for this place. How could warehouses be romantic? It’s not all that difficult to see why when you walk along the waterfront that houses these warehouses.

When you go to the area, you will see that it is always industrious and continues to produce important products throughout the year. It is possible to walk along the warehouse-filled streets and see the beautiful architecture that has made the area famous. The best view of this section of the port of Hamburg is across the water, where you can see the entire Spiecherstadt, canals, and buildings. Several bridges connect the area, allowing you and a partner to see the area from many different directions and get away to the fringes of the city. This is a lovely place that urban lovers will enjoy.

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen Hamburg Germany

Although much of Hamburg lends itself to the typical hubbub of a city, the fact remains that there are places in the city limits that are beautiful and park-like. One of the most popular areas to go when people in Hamburg are seeking a respite from city life is Planten un Blomen.

This large urban park is the perfect place for couples seeking a day of romance to spend some time together. The park is the perfect place for people to take some time to enjoy the natural elements that are widely available in the area. Visitors get to witness many different things in the park, including water shows, theater, music performances, and more. The park never closes throughout the year, and it has a lot of space for people to find some privacy for a nice picnic or to sit and listen to nature with one another.

Schloss Bergedorf

The Schloss Bergedorf is a famous landmark in the city of Hamburg because it is the only castle that has been preserved in the city limits. While it might not look like the stone and mortar castles that many people are accustomed to seeing, it is nevertheless an important landmark that people love to witness in the city. Presently, it is used as a museum of sorts. The city sets up many different exhibitions inside the castle to educate the visitors on various aspects of the city and its history. This is the perfect place for two people in love to explore if they love learning about history.

Hamburg is not often thought of as a city that has a romantic slant to it, but we’ve shown you plenty of places that make this city a romantic wonderland. Whether you want to visit a real castle with rich history or take your partner to the bustling warehouse district of the city, there are plenty of interesting locations throughout the city. Using this list, you can set up few days of exploration and romance.

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