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Villa TaL in Trilofo Greece

9 Nov 2022

Design: Ark4Lab of Architecture

Location: Thessaloniki, Trilofo, Greece

Villa TaL Trilofo Greece

Photos: Nikos Vavdinoudis

Villa TaL, Greece

At the suburbs of Thessaloniki, in Trilofo, you can find Villa TaL, designed by the office Ark4lab of Architecture, based in Greece. The building is developed in two levels, astride a linear axus, in a way that the volume formation conveys the different functions of the space. At the ground level, there is the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Villa TaL Trilofo Greece

The large openings combined with the sliding of the interior’s flooring till the outdoor dining area unite the inner life of the house with the nature outside. As a result, the villa’s ground floor is perceived by the visitor as a light and transparent space in constant dialogue with the garden and pool.

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

On the first floor you can find bedroom areas along with an open roof garden . Same as before, on this level the interior-exterior limits fade and the relation between the building and the nature around it is underlined. The clean minimal lines of the design combined with the richness of the surroundings create a space of peacefulness.

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

How is the project unique?
Villa TaL reflects a modern living esthetic in the Balkan area, inspired by modern Mediterranean architecture.

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

Key products used:
Stone, wood, marble, glass, and earth tone surfaces combined with total white ones.

Villa TaL Trilofo Greece

What were the key challenges?
The basic challenge is to design a house in harmony with the surroundings.

Villa TaL Trilofo Greece

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

The use of stone, water, big windows and white color are combined in a way to highlight the architectural design with clarity . Earthly tones, uniform clean surfaces form the personality of the space while preserving its simplicity. The villa TaL reflects a modern living esthetic in the Balkan area.

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

Villa TaL in Trilofo, Greece – Building Information

Design: Ark4Lab of Architecture –

Project size: 180 sqm
Site size: 6000 sqm
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 2

Villa TaL Trilofo Thessaloniki

Photography: Nikos Vavdinoudis

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Location: Trilofo, Greece, southeastern Europe

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