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University Campus Ratzeburg Building

Ratzeburg Building in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany design by Mikou Design Studio Architects

22 Dec 2009

Location: Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany

Date built: 2009

Architect: Mikou Design Studio

University Campus Ratzeburg: School Building

University Campus Ratzeburg – School

Schools campus, Ratzeburg

The new schools complex in Ratzeburg is located in a mainly residential cityscape, in the middle of an area of low-density detached housing, characterised by brick architecture and pitched roofs that make up the neighbourhood’s identity.

This schools complex includes an existing specialised school, a primary school and a lower form secondary school, and it aims to be a strong, identifiable landmark in its urban setting, on the scale of the city of Ratzeburg and the county of Lauenburg.
Our scheme was designed to free the site for building the primary and secondary schools with a new architectural expression, in contrast with the surrounding built environment, to represent both the institutional function of these amenities and their new educational requirements.

University Campus Ratzeburg University Campus Ratzeburg

The main aim of our scheme was to design and develop schools amenities within a consistent, uniform architectural whole which creates spatial centrality with a shared common core while clearly identifying each of the schools.

To meet the requirements of the brief for creating empty spaces for school playgrounds and to protect some existing trees, we designed the primary and secondary school buildings with free, flowing forms that sensitively link together the project’s internal and external spaces and which describe a sensual, organic figure on the site.

An overall view of the scheme’s layout is very organic, reminiscent of a plant pattern with a very strongly marked central core and branches that extend towards the site’s boundaries and contain spaces for the various school functions.

Therefore the proposed scheme opens onto its urban setting through its large courtyards with their undulating, generous forms that alternate with the rhythm of the various primary and secondary school units.
This configuration provides the neighbourhood with transversal viewpoints of varying proximity and visual landmarks that make the new schools complex a major asset in the urban composition.

University Ratzeburg Ratzeburg School Ratzeburg School Complex

Ratzeburg School Complex – Building Information

Architect : Mikou Design Studio
Salwa Mikou, Selma Mikou, Iskra Pencheva, Naori Yamozoe, Cécile Jalby, Alessandra Annoni, Samiel Musolino, Dan Vavassori
Client : City of Ratzeburg
Program : Educational Campus, School, College
Budget : 28 M €
Surface: 16,000 m2
Location : Ratzeburg, Germany
Date : competition 2009, third prize

University Campus Ratzeburg images / information from Mikou Design Studio

Mikou Design Studio

Location: Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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