Bus and Tram Infrastructure Kehl, German Urban Design, Street Building, Architect

Bus and Tram Infrastructure, Kehl

Rhine Pebbles Urban Design in SouthWestern Germany – design by J.MAYER.H, Architects

27 Mar 2017

Bus and Tram Infrastructure in Kehl, Germany

Bushaltestelle und Strassenbahnhaltestelle, Kehl

Design: J.MAYER.H, Architects

Location: Kehl, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany – on the River Rhine, directly opposite the French city of Strasbourg.

New Public Infrastructure, Kehl

As part of the new transnational tram line crossing the Rhine river from Strasbourg, France into Kehl, Germany, J.MAYER.H designed bus and tram stops at the central square in Kehl as sculptural compositions based on organic shaped discs.

Bushaltestelle Kehl Deutschland

The different elements are flexible in incorporating various programmatic needs and evoke images of “Rheinkiesel” or the “Rhine Pebbles”.

Strassenbahnhaltestelle Kehl Germany

The new public infrastructure connecting both cities will help catalyze further development of the city center, transforming the city’s identity and civic space, and providing a unique place for departure and arrival points in Kehl. The stops will contribute to the social and economic dynamics of the city and play an important role in reshaping the city’s connectivity with Strasbourg.

Strassenbahnhaltestelle, Kehl

German text:

Neue Tram- und Bushaltestellen, Kehl

Für die neuen Tram- und Bushaltestellen auf dem zentralen Platz in Kehl hat J.MAYER.H skulpturale Kompositionen aus hellen, ovalen Scheiben entworfen. Diese nehmen verschiedene Funktionen wie zum Beispiel Sitzelemente, Automaten und Informationselemente auf und erinnern in ihrer Grundgeometrie an Rheinkiesel.

New Public Infrastructure, Kehl by J Mayer H
image courtesy of architects

Straßburg und Kehl sind durch die neue Tramverbindung über den Rhein hinweg miteinander noch besser verbunden. Beide Endhaltestellen sind als Orte des Abkommens und Abfahrens besonders markant. Das Motiv der Kieselsteine gibt den Haltestellen eine individuelle, unverwechselbare Gestaltung und integriert sie in die bereits bestehende Planung zur Umgestaltung des Rathausumfelds.

Bus and Tram Infrastructure, Kehl, Germany images / information from J.MAYER.H, Architects

J Mayer H

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7 Feb 2013

Strasbourg – Kehl, Cour des Douanes – Zollhofareal

LIN wins international competition “Strasbourg – Kehl, Cour des Douanes – Zollhofareal”

Location: Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau: Strasbourg, France / Kehl, Germany

Design: LIN

LIN has been announced as the winner of the international urban design competition “Strasbourg – Kehl, Cour des Douanes – Zollhofareal”, launched together by the city of Kehl (Germany) and the Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg (France).

Strasbourg Cathedral design
image from LIN

Since the early 2000s the two cities have been reinforcing their ties in a process aiming to establish a European transborder metropolis along the Rhine River. The competition was about the transformation of the territory around the historic French and German border crossing, once split by the Rhine, now open for future developments.

The project of LIN is at the same time a vision to reunite the two cities/countries around the river and a framework for the urbanization of the site.

Strasbourg Cathedral design
image from LIN

Strasbourg – Kehl, Cour des Douanes – Zollhofareal by LIN

Location:Kehl, Germany

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