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Mtatsminda Hotel near Tibilisi

27 Jan 2020

Mtatsminda Hotel

Architects: artytechs

Location: near Tbilisi, Georgia

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

The Mtatsminda Hotel is located on a Mtatsminda mountain that sharply divides the southeast boundary of Tbilisi and is the main dominant silhouette of the city. The mountain with its buildings has become a symbol of Tbilisi’s architectural and artistic kind. It is practically perceived from almost all districts of Tbilisi.

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

The idea of developing the Mtatsminda plateau first emerged at the end of the last century. At first, the construction of a country homes was intended, and later a proposal was made to build a “new city”. There was a project where the area was divided into neighborhoods and covered with streets. The construction of the funicular railway was made to further develop this idea. On the slopes of Mtatsminda around the Mamadaviti Church is a place of holiness for the Georgian people: “Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures”.

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

For years, there stood a small building on the mountain plateau (the so-called “Rotonda”) and several shops. The remaining area remained deserted and undeveloped.

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

In the thirties of 20th century it was decided to arrange a park on Mtatsminda. Initially the park project was designed in 1935 by renowned architect M.P. Ginsburg. It was intended to create a large complex of public buildings, with a vertical composition of Shota Rustaveli monument, but the project was not implemented. The park was subsequently cultivated by Z. And N. Kurdianis (Dendrologist E. Tsitsishvili).

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

In 1959, an aerial ropeway was erected that connected the Mtatsminda Plateau with the shortest route to Rustaveli Square.
It is in the light of such a gradual development that today the area adjacent to Mtatsminda Park is particularly attractive to foreign tourists arriving in Georgia and therefore high in potential for hotel infrastructure.

The project includes a 60-room 7,000-square-meter hotel with a spa and a 25m-long indoor swimming pool. On the rooftop alongside the forest with a large terrace, there is a 400 sq.m. conference room with glass wall and beautiful views.

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

Due to the fact that the area is surrounded by forests and unique terrains, and there are no plants inside the project area, we came up with an architectural solution to develop an underground hall in the middle of the project area, with grass and plant roofing, so to preserve existing greenery and minimize the harmful effects of construction on the environment. The hotel, in its shapes and terraced sequence, blends seamlessly with the landscape and overall makes a green design.

By utilizing the underground space, we were able to maintain views from the conference room and the hotel, because the current environment is characterized by both greenery and unique views. The underground hall has a casino that will serve both hotel guests and foreign tourists.

The biggest achievement of this project was the combination of architecture and environment in eco-friendly manner. It was a unique solution to mastering area and creating as much green space as possible.

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

Mtatsminda Hotel, Tibilisi – Building Information

Architecture: artytechs

Project size: 7000 sqm
Completion date: 2019

Mountain Hotel Mtatsminda Tibilisi

Images: artytechs

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Location: near Tbilisi, Georgia

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