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Wonderland Design Competition : European Architecture Contest

Wonderland – platform for European architecture

15 Jul 2013

Austria + Hungary

a cooperation of wonderland (AT) and Architekturzentrum Wien (AT)

GUIDED TOUR FOR THE PRESS: Wed 7 Aug 2013 at 11am

OPENING: Wed 7 Aug 2013 at 7pm

FILM EVENING: 8pm – Tlatelolco, D.: Lotte Schreiber in cooperation with frame[o]ut and MQ

RUNTIME: 08.08 – 25.08.2013, Az W’s Old Hall

wonderlab 24 Hour City – All Inclusive

The European architecture platform wonderland celebrates eleven years of exchange history and moves into the Architekturzentrum Wien (AT) from 07. – 25.08.2013. Various Workshops, screenings and debates will accompany the wonderland camp and Exhibition in Vienna and focus on rethinking urbanity, re-evaluating urbanity and reviewing urbanity.

As a platform active throughout Europe, wonderland has been adding even more depth to the exchange of current trends in architecture and urbanism for over a decade as well as promoting networking between young architecture producers in an ‘interactive’ exhibition at the Architekturzentrum Wien (AT). From 07.08 to 25.08.2013 the Az W – Alte Halle will become the temporary headquarter of wonderland, the wonderlab, an urban research laboratory dedicated to the social relevance of architecture and urbanism. In this workspace and place of production teams selected through an Open Call engage with topics relevant to Vienna in-line with wonderland’s mission: ‘connecting, sharing, creating space!’

Wonderlab is a large-scale event aimed at promoting intensive discourse. It is an opportunity to involve a broad public in urbanism and architecture, not least with the formats developed by wonderland, such as blind date, movies in wonderland and project space, as well as wonderland for children children’s workshop where the outdoor space is designed in a participatory process with young citizens of Vienna. Full details are available in the supplementary programme. Wonderland is converting the Staatsratshof of the Museumsquartier into a recreational area for everybody who has not fled the city for August.

The project is going to tour Europe with Berlin (DAZ) and Kiev (CANACTIONS) as the next stops in 2014 with a grant of the European Cultural Fund (ECF).

supported by:
European Cultural Fund (ECF), Az W, bmukk, Arch+Ing, ÖBB, City of Vienna, MQ, frame[o]ut

Wonderland Design Competition

Rethinking Urbanity Architecture Competition – Project Space 2013 Contest, Austria + Hungary

15 Mar 2013: deadline call for ideas

Rethinking Urbanity Design Competition

– transformation of the Coffin Factory into a neighbourhood for young lively people with housing, culture centre and school

– models and concepts for urban vacancies in Budapest

Wonderland Events

27 Feb 2013

Blind Date, Chamber of Architects, Milan, Italy

Wonderland – platform for european architecture is inviting young architects to apply for a unique Blind Date in Milan.

– 11th of March, 2013 Deadline for application
– 31st of March, 2013 – Selected teams will be contacted and invited to Milan
– 8th of May, 2013 – 1st Blind Date – ‘Getting Started’
– 22th of May, 2013 – 2nd Blind Date – ‘Making Mistakes’
– 5th of June, 2013 – 3rd Blind Date – ‘Going Public’
– 19th of June, 2013 – 4th Blind Date – ‘Getting Specialized’
– 10th of July, 2013 – 5th Blind Date ‘Making Competition’

Deadline: 11 Mar 2013
Find more information and the application form: http://www.wonderland.cx/index.php?idcatside=703

14 Nov 2012

Workshop & lecture taking place in Vienna, Austria
20 Nov 2012

Workshop for emerging architects
#4 Getting specialized – from generalists to specialists
Getting specialized for architects_why, where and how?
with Silvia Forlati, Anne Isopp
hosted and organized by ig-architektur

14.00h Workshop
with Silvia Forlati, Anne Isopp

registration deadline for the workshop: 14.11.2011
cost contribution 35 EUR/person, reserve your place via Email
Registration to the workshop via Email to [email protected]
* specialized architects – why and how?
* individual approaches/solutions
* (international) Know-how and Best-Practice-Examples

* 19.00h Inputs and round table discussion
moderation: Silvia Forlati

public event

events will be held in German

Blind Date at Sunlighthouse in Pressbaum, Austria
1 Dec 2012
in English
limited seats

Wonderland Competition

Project Space Architecture Competition, International
30 Jun 2012 – submission deadline
Call for ideas : The Project Space 2012 brings up the topic of new appearing challenges for urban space design in different European cities and discusses possible approaches. The design of our cities is one of the biggest and most pressing fields of activities, particularly for the young and European orientated architecture generation.
Our cities present voids that can be filled by citizen’s activities.
How can planning integrate this?
Project sites will be Amsterdam (NL) and Mannheim (DE).
Project Space 2012 is an International Competition for European young teams to challenge the proposed sites.
Design Contest organiser: Wonderland

For further information please visit www.wonderland.cx
or contact [email protected]

Wonderland Workshops

workshops for emerging architects at ig-architektur, Vienna, Austria


Following the publication of the wonderland manual for emerging architects, wonderland – in cooperation with the Vienna based organization IG architektur – is offering a series of strategic workshops on relevant issues concerning the architecture practice.

The first two events will take place on May 8, 2012 (on the theme “getting started”) and on Jun 5, 2012 ( on the theme “going public”), and each will be combined with a public round table discussion with experts and inputs from selected Austrian practices.

The event will be in German.

More information on websites

Please sign up for the workshop at [email protected]. We would be happy to welcome you to the workshops and/or the round tables. For lecture inquiries in your institution please contact us on [email protected]

26 Oct 2011

Wonderland Book

Book Launch : wonderland – manual for emerging architects, Vienna, Austria
30 Nov 19.00h – open end (DJ-line)
wonderland book
image from wonderland
KUNSTHALLE wien project space Karlsplatz

Sep 2011

Wonderland Event – Paris

Vienna / Paris: Urbanism | Architecture | Recreation | City Development | International

Saint-Denis – Paris (FR)


Ideas for a better living together in the Parisian Banlieue

Wonderland, platform for European architecture, realized a new Project Space in Saint-Denis/Paris, dedicated to the topic of ‘social coherence’.

Wonderland’s Project Space series follow the idea of ‘THE OTHER CITY’ and in 2010 they took place in the cities of Venice (IT), Budapest (HU) and Vienna (AT).

Further workshops were hosted in Cluj (RO) working on the vacant industrial heritage and will be hosted in Kaiserslautern (DE) to have a closer look on the new disease of the so called ‘vacant shopping streets in smaller cities’.

Young architecture teams from Germany, France, Austria and Netherlands convened in the four day workshop, exchanging ideas with each other and meeting local initiatives and architects. As a result, they developed different concepts dealing with the current tense social situation of the Parisian Banlieue. Their creative ideas can work as a framework in preventing the current tendency of alienation among the residents of the Parisian suburbs.

The French team ‘Range ta Chambre’ questions the current situation of the public transports in the suburbs of Paris. “Unique and more diverse possibilities have to be implemented” says Pierre Talagrand (Range ta Chambre / FR). He suggests the use of pedicabs, funiculars and paddleboats for the Canal of Saint-Denis. He advocates that even the long forgotten “rolling sidewalk” – which was established for the world exhibition in Paris in 1900 – should be reconsidered.

“Besides renewing the public transportation in the Banlieus, local communities also have to be strengthened”, says Ellen Holleman (Islant / NL). The Dutch team offers to take part in the process with their suggested project ‘Fair(e) City’. They want to install a ‘Time Bank’ where inhabitants can exchange their skills, creating a parallel and local economy where local products can be exchanged.

‘Superwondergroup’ from Stuttgart / DE decided to utilize the potentials of various ethnicities living in the area as the basis for their concept. Researching on the eating habits of their country, the team concluded that healthy communal eating can increase the sense of community and joy derived from living together. Leonhard Großwendt thinks that through the creation of temporary ‘community kitchens’ in the quarter, dialog amongst the communities would increase and improve.

The bad reputation of the suburbs was the target for the Austrian team IKA (Linz / AT). They adapted the idea of a bike tour, naming it ‘Tour de Banlieue’, lasting several days with various stopovers in unexplored peripheral areas. The project would allow the participant of a tour to function as a bridge between the Banlieue and the rest of the world.

Further information about wonderland’s Project Spaces: www.wonderland.cx

Teams participating in Project Space in St. Denis / Paris:
Range ta Chambre www.rangetachambre.fr
Islant www.islant.nl
Superwondergroup www.superwondergroup.com
Collective IKA www.collective-ika.org

Co-operation partners:
le 6b and collectif cochenko

May 2011

European Blind Date of architects – wonderland Event

BLIND DATE of architects and designers
2 Countries – 2 Teams – 1 Topic – 1 Event

Themed ‘2 Countries – 2 Teams – 1 Topic – 1 Event’

wonderland invites you to attend the first European Blind Date of architects on 23 May 2011. A Team from Austria and a European Team will meet at IG Architecture in Vienna to spend an evening discussing and debating the topic of ‘Post shopping’ with the audience. The partners taking part in the event will not be disclosed, as a surprise, until the event date. Be a part of this special occasion and attend this date of architecture!

Blind Date is interactive, unique, and relevant!

Since 2004 wonderland – platform for European architecture has been encouraging the exchange of architecture tendencies and experiences from young, motivated and upcoming architecture practices. With the event series called Blind Date wonderland introduces a new format, in which an Austrian team meet a European team to organize an evening about a relevant topic of architecture and urban planning in order to: take a stand, develop common views, formulate different positions and discuss possible developments with the audience. The teams might even lead the audience to a walk into the city or arrange an exhibition for one evening.

BLIND DATE – everything is possible

In a second round the teams will meet again in the hometown of the European team to develop their ideas and to work with a new audience.

1st Blind Date
2 countries: Austria – Germany
2 teams: Vienna – Kaiserslautern
1 topic: post shopping
1 event: 23 May 2011, 7 pm, IG Architektur, open end

Post Shopping

Even though they change frequently, the showcases of our cities are both eye catchers and milestones. As the ‘face’ of the city, shops have a unique function. They serve as eye candy, attracting or even distracting pedestrians walking by. Nowadays however, many peripheral parts of our modern cities seem to be diseased by vacant shops, trading-down-effects and empty shopping streets. As shop owners hope for high paying tenants, new shopping malls pop up around or in city centers, and ground floors of whole districts or even towns are threatened.

Many European metropolises used to be towns with a healthy centre and functioning shopping streets. As a result of the high mobilization of the population and migration out of the cities, a sense of hollow emptiness has crept into the city centers. Architects and Urban Planners have to react to this phenomenon. European tendencies such as those mentioned above, the dangers and the potentials of these developments, along with possible solutions, will be brought up by the two teams of architects from Vienna and Kaiserslautern.

Team Vienna / Austria

Landscape architecture and urban planning are the disciplines of the team from Austria.
“For almost a decade, everyday issues and the processes attract our interest and we search for the hidden potentials in these areas of life. Our intention is to explore phenomena and to translate them into futuristic and specific spaces of possibilities. The achieved results are directly linked to the development process. Design and usage is in our opinion just a creative and temporarily shifted interpretation of the happenings/operations.”

Team Kaiserslautern / Germany

The team from Kaiserslautern is working in the field of urban planning since 2003. “The complex transformation processes, which cities are subject to, demand an overall view and perspective, which includes not only geographic aspects but social ones as well. In this sense, we develop specific concepts and plans out of the local context. After a detailed analysis, spatial solutions, depending on the situation and task, are purposefully combined with programmatic building blocks into a multi-dimensional strategy, structured into meaningful action phases.”

2nd Blind Date Austria – Germany

The second meeting will take place in Sep 2011 in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Further Blind Dates
Austria – Romania
‘VACANCY’, 10 Jun 2011, 7 pm, Vienna / Aug 2011, Cluj, Romania

Austria – France
‘SOCIAL COHERENCE’, 1 Jul 2011, 7 pm, Vienna / Aug 2011, Paris, France

For further information:

Anna Lugbauer
Blind Date Assistant
[email protected]

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