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Velonotte London Architecture Event

Cycling Event in England, UK

5 Jun 2013

London Velonotte

Early-Victorian London Velonotte

Welcome to London Velonotte™, Grand tour of Early Victorian London!

Expect to meet a lovely crowd of people on bikes just before midnight gathering before the Buckingham Palace. Celebrating the history and urban reform of mid-19th century city, Velonotte Albertina is a new episode in the international series of city voyages started in Moscow in 2007. It is coming back to London after 13 events in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Rome, New York, Istanbul and last year London. It will be huge – almost 4000 cyclists took part in Istanbull Velonotte on May 18.

Velonette London Architecture Event
image : Dorfmeister

Prince-Consort Albert will be the centre of attention. His short but energetic reign revolutionized the city, its transport system, city planning and bureaucracy. The massive all-night-long ride will feature classic tour-throughs and early Victorian London. A special chapter of our journey is dedicated to the birth of cosmopolitan London. During those times it became home to high-profile immigrants eager to solve the problem of inequality – Karl Marx, Mazzini, Herzen and Bakunin (who famously asked on his first visit after escaping Siberia where can he eat some oysters).

It all ends with an ephemeral performance, here today, gone tomorrow – details to be secret until the early hours of the morning after the ride. Suffice to say, weary cyclists are invited for a song and 5 o’clock tea somewhere in the green part of central London! A pivotal protagonist of Victorian painting will be saved by Velonotte live on a special stage!

The route is designed and produced by Dr.Sergey Nikitin, Velonotte’s founder. Sergey teaches at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). He is urban activist and widely regarded historian. His interests lie in Russian and Italian legacy of city planning. Sergey is also curating Tour de Scherxi, an event for Venice’s carnival. Co-production – Adam Thompson of Hackney Bike Film Society.

Velonette London Festival of Architecture Event Velonette London Festival of Architecture Event
images : Dorfmeister

Usually, Velonotte’s speakers are architects, but this year it is all about political power. Leading historians of London Andrew Saint (English Heritage Foundation), Philip Mansel and Jerry White (Birbeck University), will comment on monuments in a live broadcast from the Resonance FM.

Participants only need an FM-radio(or any gadget to listen to the radio online) handy and join us, preferably in costume, celebrating remarkable characters of Early Victorian London, – both fictional and historic; a list of welcome characters is already online on Velonotte site. By the way, early check-ins reveal that the crowd will look more Oliver Twist than Joseph Bazalgette, the inventor of London’s sewage system. Dear steam-punk fans, we need a Bazalgette (or a hundred of ‘em).

Research and production of Velonotte Albertina is supported by Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Iris Foundation) , Mottra Caviar and Moskultprog foundation.

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20 Jun 2012

Velonotte London Festival of Architecture – News

One of the partners has decided to pay the participation fee for 1000 riders, so it is actually FREE TO RIDE.

London is to welcome its first VELONOTTE, on 23rd June.

For more information regarding London Velonotte please contact VELONOTTE:

19 Mar 2012

Velonotte London – Festival of Architecture Event 2012

VELONOTTE – London Festival of Architecture Event, UK

23 Jun

On the night of 23rd of June 2012 London will host a great Midsummer night bike ride called VELONOTTE. London Festival of Architecture has invited Velonotte team to produce the event on the very first night of the Festival. VELONOTTE will transform the East End into an open-air museum while star architects and cultural historians like Peter Ackroyd, Richard Rogers, Ricky Burdett, Peter Murray and David Adjaye will be narrating the tour.

Velonotte Workshop at the Lincoln Plaza, NYC:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
Vladimir Kalinovsky for VELONOTTE

London Velonotte 2012

Velonotte Pietrogrado:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Moskultprog Archives

Moscow Velonotte:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Timohina

We promise an unforgettable night which will showcase landmarks of the rapidly changing Great Wild East – from St Paul to Hitchcock, from Dickens to Olympics, from Bolsheviks (they are born to East End too) to Blitz kids, culminating in the visit of the newly built Olympic Park and music picnic with the string orchestra of the Trinity Laban college.

Velonotte starts from The Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
Nathalie Jabeau/Moskultprog

This unprecedented architectural event was conceived in 2007 by prof. Sergey Nikitin, a young Moscow-based architectural historian and brought to the world’s greatest cities by the non-profit Bureau de Velonotte/Moskultprog in partnership with leading architects, cultural commentators and local authorities (who helped organize the logistics). Velonotte events were met with critical acclaim and public enthusiasm in Rome (2010), New York and St Petersburg (2011). The speakers included – Peter Eisenman, Sergey Tchoban, Jean-Louis Cohen, Vittorio Vidotto, Ken Jackson. The most recent such event in Moscow in 2011 attracted more than 7,000 people.

Moscow Velonotte:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Alan Vouba/Moskultprog

Broadcasting partner of London Velonotte – Resonance FM 104,4.

Velonotte Roma:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Sasha Radkovskaya/Moskultprog

We are grateful for the support the Velonotte receives from our partners iGuzzini architectural lighting ( and Mottra caviar house.

The official media partners for London Velonotte are the following international medias: Project Russia, Archi.Ru and Image Srl.

For more information, registration, videos and images please visit

VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Artem/ Moskultprog

Also by Velonotte in 2012 You might also like to join “White night Ride – from Hermitage to Peterhof (and the Finland Gulf)” on July 14/15 in St Petersburg (Russia). The 6th edition of the “Moscow Velonotte” will happen on May 26/27, discovering what used to be a chic part of the Soviet Capital with Stalin’s dacha, gigantic avenues, recently renovated Gorky park and elegant Velodrome of the Moscow Olympics 1980.

About Velonotte

Quotes about VELONOTTE:

“Taking Manhattan by Bike (the Russian Way)”

Velonotte NYC:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Vladimir Kalinovsky

“When the clock strikes 12, hop on a bike to explore New York’s architectural landmarks as part of the city’s first Velonight”.

Velonotte NYC:
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
picture : Vladimir Kalinovsky

An unprecedented architectural public education event is going to take place in New York

Il progetto accademico russo MosKultProg di Sergey Nikitin e’ ben noto per i suoi eventi unici e originali, presentando le ricerche e interpretazioni più interessanti di urbanistica ed architettura.

MosKultProg, a group that organizes free walks around Moscow and other cities, proudly presents the Moscow Velonight, a monumental night bicycle tour

VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
Alexey TALIPOV/Photopolygon

Velonotte at the Lev Tolstoy square
VELONOTTE London Festival of Architecture Event
Maria Privalova for VELONOTTE

Location: London, UK

London Festival of Architecture Event 2012 News

23 Jun – 8 Jul 2012
London Festival of Architecture
photo of London Festival of Architecture
London Festival of Architecture Event

London Festival of Architecture Exhibition

The Developing City Exhibition
21 Jun – 9 Sep 2012
The Developing City Exhibition
picture from NLA

London Architect

London Buildings

London Olympic Stadium
Architects: HOK Sport – Peter Cook
London Olympic Stadium
image from Olympic Delivery Authority
London Olympic Stadium

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