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China Green Building Forum Event

China Green Building Forum 2010 : Shanghai Architecture Event Information

1 Oct 2010


Greentech Innovation & Energy Efficiency

21 – 22 Oct 2010

Shanghai, China

The China Green Building Forum 2010 is a MUST-ATTEND industry gathering, which focus on latest Government’s Response and Marketing Prospect, Modern Integrated Green Building Design, Advanced Envelopes, Sustainable Materials, Integrated Heat and Power Generation, Innovative Business Models, Water-related Green Building Solutions, Smart Building Systems and Green Device, New Energy Applications, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Systems, enlighten delegates with the best, most timely and detailed roadmap to success in 2010 and beyond!

China Green Building Forum
image from GRCC

The China Green Building Forum 2010 will provide attendees with a precious platform to network and share industry know-how with 200+ stakeholders including Top-level Chinese Government Officials; Property Developers and Owners; Green Building Material Providers; Energy Efficient Equipment Providers; Green Building Engineering Design, Construction and Operation Company; Energy Service Company; Building Automation System and Energy Efficiency Solution Provider; Environmental and Green Building Consulting Company; New Green Energy Technology Developer; Green Building Project Financing Services and Research Institute.

The high-profile event will Confer on the topics below

1. China government’s response and marketing prospect
2. How to achieve building energy conservation through advanced envelopes
3. The innovation of water-related green building solutions
4. How to integrate new energy into buildings
5. How green building developers and consultants have successfully built a desirable and efficient green space
6. The latest design ideas, trends, and techniques which can make buildings more sustainable.
7. How to optimize life-cycle performance for buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on comfort and life-safety
8. Challenges and opportunities for the development of China green building
9. Examing the commercialization of greentech solutions in China
10. The adaptation and application of emerging green-tech given the construction characteristics and site environment
11. How to reduce the increase cost of green building

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Location: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

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