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Sorø Buildings, Denmark

Historic Danish Architecture Developments in Zealand

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Sorø Architecture

Design: Various

Location: Sorø, east Denmark

The main, and largest building, in the town is Sorø Klosterkirke – Sorø Abbey Church. It was founded by Danish archbishop Absalon and built by Cistercians in the period from 1161-1201.

The building is made of red brick, which was a new material for the time. It is built similar style to the Abbey of Fontenay. The church contains royal graves.

Sorø Akademi – Sorø Academy School – new buildings on the campus:

Sorø Academy is a boarding school and public gymnasium located in the small town of Sorø, Denmark. It traces its history back to the 12th century when Bishop Absalon founded a monastery at the site.

This property was confiscated by the Crown after the Reformation, and ever since, on and off, it has served as an educational institution, in a variety of forms. These variaitons included serving as a knight academy founded by Christian IV and a venue for higher learning during the Danish Golden Age. Danish writer and academian Ludvig Holberg bequested most of his fortune to re-establishing the academy in 1750 after a devastating fire.

Sorø Academy: Abbey Gate gatehouse – Klosterporten

Molbechs Hus:

Ingemann House

Sorø Building images / information from AJW / IL

Another Sorø Building on e-architect:

Sorø Kunstmuseum, Sjælland, east Denmark
Design: Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects
Sorø Art Museum
photos : Jens Lindhe
Sorø Art Museum
A simple modern museum located in the heart of a well-preserved historical city, the Soroe Art Museum engages in a lively yet deferential dialogue with its surroundings. Its distilled geometric form, clad in beguiling masonry shingles, speaks to the proportion, scale, and rich materiality of the historic town center.

Location: Sorø, Denmark, northern Europe

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Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
Design: Tony Fretton Architects
Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
photo © Helene Binet

Moesgård Museum Århus, Jutland
Design: Henning Larsen Architects
Moesgård Museum Building
image from architect

Museum Ordrupgaard – New Wing
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Museum Ordrupgaard
photo © AW

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The Crystal Copenhagen
photo : Adam Mørk

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